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Magnolia 'Elizabeth'

Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Reaching high up in the air, full of flowers

Family magnoliaceae
Life cycle deciduous tree
Flowers yellow (mid spring)
Size to 35'
Light sun

This magnolia can be grown as a shrub or a small tree. We acquired it to celebrate the birth of our daughter Lily in 2003, and it was just a little thing at the time. But it grew by leaps and bounds (always staying well ahead of Lily herself!), showing off its creamy yellow flowers reliably every year. It does seem to get caught blooming during the first hot spell most springs, which reduces the length of time it shows off those flowers. But when they're on full display, it's quite a sight. In October 2011, 'Elizabeth' was one of the trees hardest hit by the freak Halloween snowstorm: it had not yet dropped its large leaves, so the heavy load of snow snapped the main leader and several large branches, which really messed up the natural grace of the tree for a year or two. But by now, it has outgrown that damage, and is taller than ever. Even through its setback, it never did stop blooming – I hope that our Lily will show the same resilience in the ups and downs of life!

Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Second season in our garden, and still a small tree
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Intricate internals
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
quickly developing in the brief life span of the flowers

We left this plant behind in our Pennsylvania garden (and wish it well); we don't grow it in Houston.

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