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Gardening Topics


Every once in a while, inspiration moves me to gather my thoughts on a particular topic and write them down for general consumption on this website. While they are new, I link to them prominently from the front page, but from this page you'll be able to find them all, in a tidy collection. Enjoy!

Lehigh Valley Gardening. My musings on gardening in this area of Eastern Pennsylvania. Lists of resources, organizations, and local gardens.


Plant sale tips. This is where I share some methods and tips for staging your own plant sale, drawn from my seven years of annual sale experience.


¿Garden Art?. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Our art is not on the Master of Fine Arts end of the scale, but we enjoy our whimsical statuettes and figurines. Take a virtual tour and judge for yourself.


Geraniums. A project highlighting the merits of and distinctions between various hardy geraniums in our garden.


Spiny eggplants. An account of four prickly solanum species we've grown in our garden.


Kikkers - frog art. An exposé of our lascivious collection of fake amphibians


Amsonias. A project comparing the few species (and one hybrid) of amsonia that make a home of our garden.


Foxgloves. A stroll past the various Digitalis species we've grown, focusing not on the common foxglove but its equally poisonous cousins.


Marge Talt on Pinellias. A republishing of Marge's seminal Suite101 article on this little-known aroid genus


Skullcaps. Exploring the various scutellaria species we've grown, or tried to grow.


Meadow rues. A page all about thalictrum, one of my favorite genuses. The page discusses cultivation, propagation, and compares the species growing in our lush gardens.


Rock garden overhaul. An illustrated account of a two-weekend project in April 2014, in which I slightly enlarge and greatly rearrange our rock garden


Chippy the electric shredder. Where I talk about my codependent relationship with a yellow composting buddy.


Evergreen. A project in progress in which I explore which plants continue to show life through winter. I'll be adding new comments and photos as the winter wears on...


Marking and tagging. What plant is that? We're bound to forget unless we remind ourselves with permanent or temporary labels. On this page I show some of the affordable and functional approaches I've taken to do so in our garden.


New Growth. One of the delights of early spring is wandering through the garden and looking for all the signs of promise - new growth emerging from the cold soil, often in colors that are brighter than the mature plant will display. This is a collage made in early April, 2004.


October Color. Flower color, that is. An impression of some of the flowering denizens in our garden, captured one late October in a leisurely stroll through a garden not quite ready to give in to winter.


Impressions of November. In autumn there's much less work to do, more time to relax and enjoy. An impression of an early November day in 2005.


Attack of the Huisache Girdlers. Describing the assault by strong-jawed beetles on a thorny tree in our Houston garden


Freeze Fate - February 2021. An accounting of which of the tender trees, shrubs, and perennials survived the severe freeze of winter storm Uri


home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

Last modified: April 24, 2021
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