A few words about my plant portraits


I put these plant portraits together for a few reasons. First of all, I'm proud of our garden and plants, and like to share them with the world. Also, I rely heavily on the internet in scoping out information on plants I (hope to) grow, and like to give back to the www community.


The portraits are all for plants that are growing in our gardens, or have grown there in the past. In some cases, I'm very familiar with the plants, from years of hands-on experience and watching them grow; in other cases, I'm just now growing them from seed, and don't really know what to expect yet.

For the plants I know, I try to include personal information - our likes and dislikes, what seems to work in our zone 6 garden, when it blooms and how tall it gets in our setting, etc. This information may not reflect habits and bloom times in other gardens (i.e., my website is not an encyclopedia).

For the plants I don't yet know so well, the information is most likely what I've been able to scrounge up from my own web searches. I try to go for the concensus opinion (it's amazing how many different colors, hardiness zones, etc. get attributed to the same plant!).

The seedstarting information is always mine, from personal experience. For more information, visit my seedstarting pages.

Them pictures

Photos featured on the portrait pages are all my own, taken in our gardens. What I got is what you get - if my plant is still young and puny, there will be a young and puny picture.

Feel free to print or otherwise use my pictures offline in any non-commercial way you want. If you want to use any photo on the web, or for any commercial purpose, please e-mail me for permission. In any event, please don't link directly to my photos - link to my portrait pages instead. And if you do use the photos in any kind of public way, please provide a reference (clickable link for web use, otherwise just text) to www.robsplants.com. Thanks!

Tip: If you're wondering about what time of year any of the pictures was taken - try looking at the name of the photo (in Internet Explorer, by right-clicking on it and choosing "properties"). In almost all cases, you'll find the date the picture was taken as part of the name, in YYMMDD format.

What you say?

I put a lot of information into my portraits, and the one thing I want to avoid is putting out wrong information - I don't want to contribute to the information pollution out on the web. So PLEASE, if you see anything that doesn't seem right on my web pages, either e-mail me or leave a comment using the form at the bottom of the portrait page. For comments about my website as a whole, please visit my guestbook.