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Punica granatum

Punica granatum
The young tree, April 2017
Grown up a bit by November
Punica granatum
Flowering early April

Common name pomegranate
Family punicaceae
Life cycle tree/shrub (Z7b-11)
Flowers orange-red (summer)
Size to 20'
Light sun
Cultural notes well drained soil, drought-tolerant

Pomegranates are native to central Asia, but the climate in our current garden is warm enough to sustain them, so we're giving a small plant (purchased at our local grocery store) a chance. Over time it may grow as tall as 20', but I think we'll keep it quite a bit smaller in our garden – assuming it thrives here. The shrub or multistemmed tree features attractive crinkly orange-red flowers, followed by fruit that matures in late summer. We're not expecting fruit any time soon though – it will take at least four years for any to be produced. But it has certainly grown a lot in the one season it's lived in our garden, from not much more than a rooted cutting to a man-high tree. Its foliage was knocked out by the freeze of mid-January 2018, but by mid-February it was pushing out new leaves, providing much needed green in a mostly blackened garden. Later that year we'd see and enjoy a single pomegranate; a larger crop arrived the following year.

Bulging deep-red buds
Punica granatum
Fading flower
New growth after hard freeze
Punica granatum
Developing fruit, late June

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: back fence border

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