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Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'

Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'
fern-leaf yarrow
Late May in its second year - creamy rounded budheads
Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'

Common name fern-leaf yarrow
Family asteraceae
Life cycle perennial (Z3-9)
Flowers yellow
Size 3'
Light sun
Cultural notes ordinary garden soil, drought-tolerant
From seed germinate at room temperature with exposure to light
detailed seed-starting info below
Seed ripensearly August

Flat-topped golden blooms over finely divided foliage. Compared to the similar 'Schwellenberg' variety, this grows taller and blooms a bit later, a week or two into June. When it first bloomed in its second year (photo at right) it still seemed like a refined plant, but in years since it has gone wild, growing with great vigor - and, I'm afraid, with a tendency to flop a bit. But its cheerful yellow flowers in early summer are hard to beat, and combine well with nearby purples and blues.

fern-leaf yarrow
Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold'
Holds its own through winter: this photo taken in early February

In our garden, this plant grows in the following area: the lane

Seed for this plant is included on my seed trade list

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from T&M '04 (via trade). Baggy 70F with light (84+%G, 3-5d)
  2. Seed from '07 garden. Baggy 70F with light (good germination, 3-5d)
  3. Same seed as above. Baggy 70F with light (good germination, 6-12d)

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common mis-spellings: filipendula

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Last modified: June 27, 2015
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