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June 16, 2018. As a Dutchman, I hanker from time to time for some good old "andijvie stamppot", a dish in which raw endive is mashed with boiled potatoes and cubed bacon bits – yum! It's been a long time since I've had that dish - leafy endive isn't exactly a staple in the grocery stores. I grew it once or twice in Pennsylvania, but I'm afraid that my attempt to grow some out here in subtropical Houston was less than successful. I set out my seedlings in early spring, but it was already too warm – so I contented myself with watching them bolt to see what they'd do. And I was not disappointed: apparently endive has a weird growth habit once it does its thing, making odd hollow-tubular large stems amid a maze of curvy-twiggy smaller ones – lined with misshapen leaves and a few chicory-like purple-blue flowers thrown in for color interest. I don't think I'll repeat the experiment, but it fits squarely in the "you gotta try everything once" category.

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