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'Jane' in her new position, surrounded by earth-moving activity
March 04, 2018. It was a lovely early-spring day, so when Amy suggested we swing by a local nursery, "just to look around, maybe pick up a plant or two", I jumped at the opportunity. But since moving to Texas, these nursery trips have become treacherous events: we seldom walk away spending less than a hundred bucks, and so it was this time. We stuffed the trunk of the car with quite a few perennials and small shrubs, but the main piece was a 'Jane' magnolia, purchased for Lily as a replacement for the 'Elizabeth' magnolia we left behind in Pennsylvania. Of course Lily got to pick where the new tree should go – and when she decided north of the pond was just right, that meant new plans had to be developed and put into action. Planting trees in the middle of bermudagrass would never do, so a significant enlargement of the border areas to the right of our pond was obviously in order. And so another back-breaking project started. The photo at right shows it in its early phase, with the new extent of the border defined by the line stripped of sod. The same thing happened after visiting a native plant nursery last October – so I should know by now how dangerous such undertakings are...

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