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November 22, 2017. How I do I know? It's hard to ignore the massive grocery store displays that have been up for a few weeks now (since well before Thanksgiving), and the Christmas music that is piped into retail outlets. But even Ma Nature is conspiring to bring Noel here soon: the poinsettia that's happily lived in our garden ever since it was set outside after last year's holiday season has started to color up. It's been a great plant even without the bract color, making an awesome mound of glossy green all year – but since last week, it is really glamming it up, looking especially flashy next to the pale caladium it acquired as a neighbor on Father's Day. Not that the weather is Christmasy in the least. But I've given up on that notion, for the foreseeable future.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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