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Max's garden


Each of our three kids has a little garden plot to call their own. They are aligned side by side in the back yard, along the fence that separates them from their neighbor friends. Our biggest boy, Max, has had his garden the longest. It's gone through lots of different plantings by now, from vegetables to annuals and perennials. This year I enlarged the three kid-gardens, and helped Max plant new perennials. He's looking forward to seedlings from the Japanese morning glory that volunteered in his garden last year, as well as a couple of strawberry plants and strawflowers I promised him. Now if only he'd keep up with the weeding through the year!

The picture below shows Max's bounty from his first year as a gardener. He's much bigger now!

The plants below grow in Max's garden

Aconitum carmichaelii (monkshood)
Allium senescens (broadleaf chives)
Aquilegia canadensis (wild red columbine)
Barnardia japonica (squill)
Campanula trachelium (bats-in-the-belfry, nettle-leaved bellflower)
Chaenomeles 'Toyo Nishiki' (flowering quince)
Clematis integrifolia
Codonopsis lanceolata (bonnet bellflower)
Digitalis grandiflora (yellow foxglove)
Digitalis mariana (foxglove)
Heuchera americana 'Dale's Strain' (alum root)
Ipomoea nil (Japanese morning glory)
Iris (tall bearded hybrids) (bearded iris)
Iris sibirica (Siberian iris)
Lilium (lilies (various species and hybrids))
Lilium davidii (David's lily)
Papaver orientale (oriental poppy)
Potentilla argyrophylla
Primula x polyantha (polyanthus primrose)
Saponaria officinalis 'Flore Pleno' (soapwort, bouncing bet)
Sedum aizoon (stonecrop)
Sedum glaucophyllum (cliff stonecrop)
Stachys minor (little betony)
Thermopsis villosa (Carolina lupine, Aaron's rod)
Unidentified (unknown)
Xanthisma texanum (sleepy daisy)

The plants below grow in Ben's garden

Allium senescens (broadleaf chives)
Aquilegia ecalcarata (spurless columbine)
Cercis canadensis (Eastern redbud)
Fallopia japonica 'Variegata' (Japanese knotweed)
Geranium sanguineum (cranesbill)
Myrrhis odorata (sweet cicely)
Penstemon canescens (gray beard-tongue)
Physocarpus opulifolius (ninebark)
Primula veris 'Sunset shades' and 'Red Strain' (English cowslip)
Silene orientalis (campion)
Stachys densiflora 'Hummelo' (alpine betony)

The plants below grow in Lily's garden

Alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle)
Chelidonium majus (great celandine)
Digitalis thapsi (pink foxglove)
Helleborus x hybridus (lenten rose)
Liatris spicata (blazing star; gayfeather)
Lilium (lilies (various species and hybrids))
Lilium formosanum (formosa lily)
Salvia verticillata subsp. verticillata (hardy ornamental sage)
Thalictrum rochebrunianum (lavender mist meadow rue)

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Last modified: April 24, 2015
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