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Excel seed tool


My seed box is filled with hundreds of seed varieties. A large number of those I'll start in the winter/spring seed-starting season, and an equally large number are for trading (but not necessarily the same ones). Keeping track of which seeds I've promised to which trader, and which seeds to start when, becomes a daunting task pretty quickly.

That's why I developed a simple computer tool for organizing my seed "collection". The tool is a Microsoft Excel workbook. It has room to enter all your seeds, and various macros set up to publish your seed trade list, to generate a list of seeds that need to be started (in order of start date), to quickly see all the varieties you promised to a particular trader, and more. I couldn't live without it any more, and I think you may like it too - so that's why I put it up here, for you to try it, and use it if you like it.

The tool can be downloaded from this page as a .zip file. Click on the link below, and tell your browser to save the file, to some temporary location. Then open the file into your archive program (for example, WinZip) and extract it to the place where you keep Excel files. Open the file into Excel - information on how to use it is on the "help" tab (select it at the bottom of the Excel window).

The file doesn't have any viruses or other nasties, but you can run it through your favorite anti-virus software anyway, just to be sure. If you have any problems downloading this file, please let me know.

Click here to download seed organizer

Good luck! Let me know how it works for you.

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