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JEF (December 02, 2020)
Hi nice and amazing website, I`m a home gardener here in South of France,and I try to grow border line hardiness plants in my Z8b
Andrew (November 18, 2020)
This website is so fantastic! I loved to learn about the different plants. Sending lots of love from Canada!
Tom Davenport aka Otto Diedacht (August 26, 2020)
visited your site again today, after viewing a saved PDF re: first attempts @ Baikal Skullcap propagation, to see if there's an update. The quality photography is enjoyed and admired. Will be back from time to time, this is a place which puts a smile on my face.
Douglas Tomasini (August 13, 2020)
What is your e-mail address ? I have some Aristolochia coryii seed to trade.
Roberta (August 03, 2020)
Rob, it is 2020! Ten years since my post to you in July 2010! I aam still growing barrels of Skullcap! I love the strong scent of the leaves. I can collect some seed for you if you like. It must be a perennial here??? SW Florida. It is a STRONG scent, to me lemony? I thought is was an herb called Melissa then. Buti found later it is surely skullcap. Maybe Am I able to send you a photo??
Jasmine (July 14, 2020)
Hi Rob~I found this website by accident last year. Your garden is so amazing,and you're really good at gardening. Best regards from China! ☺

home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

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