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Dave Schiferl (July 23, 2018)
What a great website! I just bought a Solanum pyracanthos because it was unique-looking. It was simply labeled "Solanum"; and I was able to fully identify it only because of your website. The information you provided about its size and growth habits allowed me to find a good spot for it.

Marvellous! Enjoy your spiny wonder.

Frank Eisel (May 19, 2018)
Research on Skullcap led me to your site, thanks for the information and commitment it takes to be here.
Sudie Bercheck (May 18, 2018)
You are one of my top go-to sites for plant ID and info. Thank you for all the great knowledge you have shared!!!!

Thanks for the feedback -- I have very little idea how many people swing by my site these days, so it's good to hear from you :-)

Victoria (April 03, 2018)
thank you so much for doing this. I always wanted to do a plant sell but never had the right guide to do it. You have provided me with what I was looking for.
Douglas Bush (March 25, 2018)
I love visiting your site. I enjoy your writing. it's so clear and entertaining, I feel like I have a window into the mind/activities of a kindred spirt, one who undeniably has more energy and know-how than I do! I am putting together a database for my central coast (California) garden and would like to post it on the web for easy access (to me and family mostly). Your site is a brilliant model for me. Thank you.

Hi Douglas - thanks for writing. I'm glad my style works for you. I never know any more how many visitors this site attracts (rather fewer than years ago, due to Google's current emphasis on results from commercial, heavily optimized sites), so it's always nice to hear from those who still come around.

DennisBurkhardt (January 05, 2018)
This is another Thank You from a frustrated gardener... I've spent a lot of money on seeds in the last two years... It looks like this will help me a whole lot. I (we) appreciate all the time you've put into sharing your skills

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