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Jan Hermans (August 18, 2015)
What a wonderful website. I'm from Cincinnati Ohio and understand your soccer schedule. My huspand has been lucky to make his living as a soccer coach and his summer camps are over and his job as a trainer and coach for the Dutch Lions is starting up. It never ends. I have a plant in my garden I'm trying to identify and thought it was prairie dock but now that I've seen your cup plant I'm not sure. Do you know if there are any major differences between the two? I appreciate how much you already share your passion of your garden. I have just taken an herbal class and am going through my garden identifing plants I have just loved having there and finding if they have herbal properties and what they are. They say that the plants you need find a way to find you. That is the case with this plant. I pushed out my fennel plants and firmly established itself. I have enjoyed watching it reach for the sky and provide pollinators with flowers from July even into September.

I believe prairie dock (S. terebinthinaceum) has its larger leaves confined to the basal rosette. Cup plant has large leaves along much of the height of the fleshy stem.

Monique Lenoire (July 04, 2015)
hi, I am a woman living in the Netherlands Europe. I have to give you my compliments for your site! I love the stories and photos. I am the chairman (or really chairwoman) in my hometown Veenendaal of a gardening club known as Groei & Bloei (Growing & Blooming). This club has all over the country departments. These all organise flower related workshops or readings for the members. Also we organise a course to make flower arrangements. I have self a little garden of around 8 meters wide and 20 meters long but there are growing very nice and many plants in it. I also have a greenhouse where I do sowing, growing and cultivate plants for my own garden or to give away on the plants-exchange-happening twice a year. Once in spring say April and once in autumn say beginning of October. I will try to follow you regularly and give my comments more often if you like. I am really curious to find out what plants you can grow in your garden. We have here a sea climate with not too cold winters normally an not too hot summers. Saying that I realise that it is changing quickly with the global warming and at this time we have a really hot time now already for 5 days with temperatures of 35 till 38 degrees Celsius! Our plant are not used to these temperatures though we have to water them now In The evenings. Again I love your site and am glad that I found it by coincidence. Lovely greetings Monique L. From Holland, Europe

Hi Monique - thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I'm very familiar with gardening in the Netherlands, as I grew up in Rhoon (near Rotterdam), where my parents kept marvellous gardens, and my mother still delights visitors with sweeping landscapes of both common and uncommon plants. But all of my experience actually tending plants comes from gardening in Pennsylvania. We can grow most of the same plants as you, except our winters are a little colder, so some plants in your garden likely wouldn't survive here, while our summers are hotter, which allows us to grow heat-loving plants that don't reach their full potential in your cooler (most of the time ;-) summers.

Polly (June 26, 2015)
Thanks to you I have identified the beasts that have decimated my lysmachia. They are the saw fly catterpillar...and we will be saying good bye to them in no uncertain fashion.
melissa hedwall (June 14, 2015)
thank you for teaching me about Begonia grandis!
Gaby Hennessey (June 07, 2015)
You have a beautiful garden. Love reading your journal. Thank you for sharing it. I'm in Florida, but went looking for Scullcap and whether it grew in Florida and it lead me to your page.
Luci Busnardo (May 31, 2015)
I love your site because I like to see beautiful flowers! I live in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro city, RJ. Brazil, and here is very difficult to see many flowers as you have. Our clime is very hot, and in the summer we can have 40°C. The tropical plants and flowers are difficult to have at home, because of the light, and my work.iif you allow, I'll look frequently to admire your site. Congratulations! Thank you! Attenciously. Luci Busnardo.
Birgitta (May 25, 2015)
Dear Rob, I am so impressed by your website! I was looking for information about aethionema grandiflora, which I have been growing from seed when I came across your website. Much of what you write about, from sowing to coaching your soccer playing kids I can relate to. I too participate in plant sales, and it is so much work potting up, naming and selling! Thank you for sharing all that information. Now that I have found you website, I sure will return. Birgitta Amcoff, Uppsala, Sweden

Hi Birgitta, So glad you found my website! The amount of gardening information on the web is huge and growing, but sometimes it's still the smaller personal sites that have the information you're looking for :-)

Sarah (May 09, 2015)
Thank you for helping solve the mystery of what the "angry tomato" I just bought at the farmer's market is! ;-) I suspect I need to wait until I can get it to flower or fruit to figure out which subspecies of spiky doom I've brought home.


Mary Hayes (April 08, 2015)
Rob, I grew up drinking Naranjilla juice in South America,and it is WONDERFUL! I am excited about the possibility of growing it in Caalifornia. It can be used when full sized but still green or yellow. Always needs to have sugar added but makes a delightful, and foamy breakfast juice.
Nancy Duffy (February 26, 2015)
Hi Rob, You have a wonderful website and, no doubt, a lovely garden. I am researching the genus Geranium and came across your excellent information. I am planning a Geranium trial to understand performance in our area - Western North Carolina. Your information gives me a great jump start in selecting plants to include in my little test of about 12 less common types. Thank you for publishing this!
Rob (February 19, 2015)
Rob thanks for allowing The Hardy Palms in Temperate Zones gardening forum use a link to your website. You are truly a pioneer and ambassador to the things we like in the garden.

Thanks Rob! It's great when fellow gardeners can support each other -- in person, or on the web!

Jcand from DMOZ (February 11, 2015)
I picked up a new aquilegia plant today and recalled quite correctly that you are also an enthusiast of the species from a visit to this site years ago - like when I first heard of you at DMOZ. Beautiful pictures! Great to see how much this resource has grown. Unlike you guys, it's pretty much spring here with daffodils blooming. So a warm hello from Oregon.

Show-off! I'll be happy to see snowdrops bloom a month from now...

Sally Scott-Mathews (January 30, 2015)
Hi Rob, I came across your site by accident, looking for info on Betty magnolias. It looks like you are the same kind of plant propagator asw myself. I have a very small back yard, and I am trying to get started the past two years but it has been really tough. I am not giving up though, and I am so glad to have found you so that i can have someone to compare my efforts. Thank so much!
Tobias Corner (January 24, 2015)
Hi Rob, I received the 20 Job's Tear Seeds today!!! Thank you so much. I have been trying to find viable seeds for years. I'm not sure if I should wait a bit before I plant 'em outside. Probably should let them germinate inside first. Our days are 60-70 degrees and nights around 50 degrees here in Superior AZ. I have been here since Nov, 4th 2014. Again thanks for getting the seeds out to me so fast.

They may do just fine planted directly outside (I get some volunteers most years), but I would hedge my bets and start at least a few inside, just to make sure you'll have a few seed-bearing plants this summer.


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