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Hugh MacMillan (December 17, 2009)
Rob -- nice job - I am the webmaster for the NARGS website and just recently followed an email thread with your seed list redux as the topic. I see you know your way around php scripting. I would suggest the Flora of North America as a viable resource for plant information. Here's an example of their work on eriogonum - I also am a co-founder of the eriogonum society, webmaster and member of the American Penstemon Society - in other words, a plant geek as well as a techie/geek. Anyway, I really enjoyed poking around your web site.

Thanks for writing, Hugh. I'll take a closer look at the efloras site. I like the APS site, too!

Sandra Molon (November 28, 2009)
Parabéns pelo site, muito informativo e de forma simples para bom entendimento geral.
Vernette Hilbert (November 10, 2009)
I am so looking forward to the 2010 sale since I am now ready to get serious about gardening at my first home that I purchased 2 years ago in October.
Cheryl Vaia (November 06, 2009)
You have put together a very nice website. I appreciate your plant details and nice pictures. You seem to have as many varieties of Cranesbill geraniums as I!
Nancy Eberle - St. Catharines, Ontario (October 30, 2009)
What a great website! Gorgeous pictures and great articles. Thank you.
Left foot is better than my right, (October 24, 2009)
Sorry about the random name ;) haha, but yes, I agree with everybody else. This site is...a..mazing. Lets jsut hope you're single darlin' xxxxx
Kim and Aggy (October 22, 2009)
Rob Rob Rob your site is amazing! Thank you SO much, youve really helped me and my friend with our garden, before we owned a little jungle now its a jungle PALOOVA Thanks so much were on here all the time!
Jane Adams (October 08, 2009)
Hello, I live in South Africa and am very passionate about growing pelargoniums (the ones you don't grow lol) I do, however have 4 geraniums; 2 I know the names of and 2 I don't!! The 2 I do know are (1) G. maderense (2) cultivar "Johnson's Blue". If I e-mail photos of leaves could you help me identify the mysterious 2? I think your website is great, regards, Jane.

You could try. Just remember I'm hardly an expert, and just the leaves may not be enough for identification.

Brenda Jo (October 05, 2009)
I think this is such a wonderful site to find! I have been looking for answers because I am in my first home, and can plant!!! So excited, but with the price of everything envolved, not to mention the clay here in SD, I am trying to gather info for many plants, mulch, ect.!! Thank you for being here!!! I will make you my new friend!!! BJ
Mary, Oklahoma (October 01, 2009)
Love your site and all the comments from readers. I, too, have added you to my favorites. My first 2 HLWs were away from a window and difficult to see during winter new "Harry" was planted yesterday, in my new patio, the very first plant. He will be my main view from my favorite chair for all winter. How fun to read of others' experiences!!!! Good love and happy times with your "Harry"!!!!! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, GET ONE!!!
Todd (September 30, 2009)
Dude, I thought I was obsessive, but you put me to shame. Love your site. I live in the Lehigh Valley as well (Bethlehem) and I'm primarily a vegetable gardener, and just as you said, my yard is shrinking (doubled the area for raised beds in September). I just started a blog: and I'm adding your site to my blogroll!

Hi Todd, thanks for writing. It's good to have fellow Valleymen on the web.

Thomas Adams (September 25, 2009)
Great site! It helped me put pictures to plants that I couldn't remembered what they looked like.
Annie, Upton Warren, Worcestershire, UK (September 17, 2009)
Love your site - have added it to my favourite list.
Laura, Bulls Gap, Tennessee (September 06, 2009)
Found a reference to your site on Dave's Garden. Have been a member there for 3 or 4 years. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the information you shared on baggie germination. I will be checking back often to see what you are up to next! Thank You!
Teri Edgerly (August 19, 2009)
Hi Rob ...............My name is Teri from Oregon .........have been looking forever for a plant that I had in my everlasting collection ( I really mean it for years) I lost all the information on the plants I had planted long time ago. At the last resort today I decided to do a search of yellow flowers seed pod, looking trough the whole page I come across your image of a yellow flower. Just to see I opened your page and below the flower version of Fabigia clypeata hahaha there it was the seedpod version of the plant . I was so happy that i finely found the name ... Of course Roman shield as soon as i saw that remembered that what it was. I Only had the plant for 3 years ... the dried pods have become tan color after 20 years. Tried to replant the seeds ....sorry to say I cut the stems off to soon before the seeds fully formed. Well I just wanted you to know that You made my day. Now if I cold just fined seed or cuttings of Dusty Miller Silver Lace that would be just as grate of a fined . I press the lacy leaves and decoupage small boxes with it. Wishing you and yours all the best Teri From Oregon.
patri nicholls (August 19, 2009)
i like your lemon grass foto and details...would like to know what a plant would cost

When I've seen plants offered, they've been kind of expensive - rooting grocery-bought stems is certainly cheaper.

Kathy Grant (August 18, 2009)
I love your nice to type in "Verbena B" and immediately get photos of this extraordnary plant with wonderful descriptions. I love it... thank you! I'm in Minnetonka, Minnesota and my cup plants get over 8 ft. tall in very ordinary garden soil! I've also had luck introducing the pink showy Lady's slipper orchid to my garden from an orchid rescue organization. Thanks again for the great info...happy gardening
Vea Adams (August 11, 2009)
I love your purple delirium!! I started a container garden on my balcony this year with the same intent of growing as many purple flowers as possible. Your site is now bookmarked as one of my references and for inspiration! Great Site!!
Matt Miles (August 10, 2009)
Great site.. however, how has anyone has issues with Tomato Blight this year? My neighbors have had complete losses, and now I'm seeing some signs on my own plants... any suggestions on stopping it?

Same here, I'm afraid. I doubt it can be stopped once it has taken hold - but you could try removing affected foliage.

Grace Hildebrand (August 04, 2009)
Hello Rob, i'm making a personal garden journal and your web site has been the one i use for reference the most - very novice-friendly format, your zone is similar to mine (i'm on the south coast of British Columbia), and your plant selection is unbelievable! You keep a LOT of my favourites. No ornamental grasses? i look forward to being able to browse the rest of your site soon.

You can find pages about the ornamental grasses I grow here :-)

Barb Markley (July 23, 2009)
Beautiful Garden! I live in Lehighton- I'd love to see it sometime :)
Peggy Sauter (July 22, 2009)
Wow! You are kicking this up even more notches! The plantlinks are fantastic and along with everyone else, I so enjoy your photography. Some year I am going to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Malvern and make it to your plant sale. Thanks for this great site and best wishes from Western North Carolina.
Cathy Kunst (July 22, 2009)
I enjoyed your website.. have been looking for hibiscus that is cold toerant in Ga. thats how i found your website
Josie (July 20, 2009)
What a great site to indentify your geranium species !
Tom Stanton (July 11, 2009)
I found your website while looking for images of Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue'. I've been making an inventory of all the plants in our garden project before I forget their names, or else remember names but forget what they look like. Your website is a great way to record information. Your comments make it friendly and interesting. What webpage software do you use? Thanks.

Hi Tom, glad you enjoy my site. I don't use web development software - everything is programmed in php. Perhaps not the modern approach, but it still works for me!

Kathy Nicolson (July 07, 2009)
I love your website, I think I have found nearly everything in my garden on it! But now I have some ideas for more, being from the uk I'm not sure about your 'zones' can you give me some indication as to what they mean? Thanks Kathy (Shetland Isles, UK)

You can read about hardiness zones on this Wikipedia entry. Looks like you're in zone 8!

KARYN WETZEL (July 03, 2009)
Thank you for all of the valuable information.
Vivian Stacy (July 01, 2009)
Love your site. Always thought of doing something similar just for myself but the project seemed to daunting every time I tried to begin. You are an inspiration. We live in the same area(I'm in Chester County) so I will visit again to see how the garden is growing. The information is super.
Patricia DiGiacomo from Prince George, Virginia (June 27, 2009)
Hello, I enjoyed looking at all your gardens. They are great looking. I have just started my own. Just geeting ready to put in a 16 X 22 patio with stone and a retaining wall. Can't wait to start planting around it. You have given me such good ideas. Thank You again and have a great 2009 summer. Patricia
Elizabeth Popovics (June 24, 2009)
Hello to you Rob from Calgary Canada (Zone 3). You have an amazing amount of information collected on this site and it's wonderful for people like me who are looking for information on plants, growing, etc. Your garden and plant pictures are great and your journal I would not miss every month from now on. I'm going to try your baggy method of sprouting seeds this week. Have a wonderful summer. Elizabeth
Lance Clarke & Wendy Harrison, St. Catharines, On (June 24, 2009)
We just love your website. Beautiful pictures and articles.
Tricia Priestley (June 22, 2009)
Hi Rob I'm from the south of England and came across your site by chance - I love the way you describe your garden and will keep returning for inspiration. hope to keep in contact about all sorts of garden matters - best wishes Tricia ( Sussex, England)
Jan Rubelmann (June 19, 2009)
I just want you to know that since I found your site I have been reading it like a favorite book. You have so information and links and I love looking at the pictures. You have so many plants I can't imagine them all.I was determined this year I would find the time to do better on my gardens and I must say you have motivated me. Hopefully, I will be ordering some seeds from you. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep this up and going so you can share with the public. I only have space for one sun garden so it keeps changing every year.
diane james (June 17, 2009)
I was originally looking for info on rooster grass but once I opened your web-site I couldn't stop going from one plant to the next, you have an abundance of in formation for a novist gardener such as myself, thank you
JENNIFER MARLOW (June 11, 2009)
I love your website.It is so interesting,there is so much to see & lots of useful information.Beautiful pictures,very inspiring.I love flowers & plants.I enjoy collecting new ones to grow in my garden.Thank you!
Jeanna (June 11, 2009)
Greetings from North Dakota.Just looking for garden ideas and plants!Beatiful photos!
Marielle Thivierge (May 28, 2009)
I just admire yourself for all the energy you invest in all your projects. Bravo! to you and your wife with three children you are and example of tenacity and enthousiasm. Your website are in my favoris. Long life to Rob\'s plants.
natuurmanjak (May 27, 2009)
Rob I wish you congratulations with your beautiful plants! good luck and greetings from Belgium of... Guido..natuurmanjak...
Sally (May 26, 2009)
Thanks for the photo of the black swallowtail and its caterpillar. I had a couple of the caterpillars last year on my bronze fennel, and they were so pretty I let them eat the whole thing, but was unable to figure out who they were going to become. And I love your weed gallery; I grow a lot of them more or less on purpose, if they\'re interesting...
Maria (May 23, 2009)
I just recently looked up your web page, and I must say it has usefull infos. I'm living in Slovakia, and I'm happy to see other people around the world are also loves gardening.Would be great to share experiences:)
Di (May 17, 2009)
Loved the website and the photos. Alot of good information. Have you ever heard of a bottleneck bush?

Bottleneck bush doesn't sound familiar - I think you may be referring to bottlebrush bush/tree, a common name used for Callistemon.

Sue (May 14, 2009)
Rob, I love your website. Your pictures are just beautiful. You really put a lot of thought and work into it. I live in Zone 6 also, in Chester County, and wanted to get to your plant sale but missed it this year. Hopefully, next year. I'll visit your site frequently for information and just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Thank you.
Julie Olsen (May 10, 2009)
My goodness, this is an impressive site. I thank you for your hard work. It's even prompted me to sign the guestbook, which might be a first for any internet site. It's amazing that you have the time to both do all of the gardening indicated here, take all of the photographs shown here, AND compile all of this data into a useful form. Huzzah!
Rose (May 05, 2009)
I have printed this seed info and keep it forever..I had been looking for this info for a while. Thank you and I will be back
Crystal (May 04, 2009)
Hey. Lots of stuff to look out, definitely! I spent the last two days casually browsing before I felt like I could comment. Very cool stuff. I'm loving the mud ball on a stick - awesome, Ben! Checking out the making of the pond, I'm wondering what the neighbor's were thinking. I also ready the blurb about collecting the flower pots. I'll definitely bring those back up after I get a chance to plant all of those neat plants, if it ever stops raining. I found some plastic take-out containers (mostly from salads) make neat holders, if that helps any. Anyway, thanks again, and take care!
Toni Marshall (May 04, 2009)
I live south of you, near Annapolis MD, found your gorgeous picture of Amsonia Tabernaemontana, Blue Star flower. Thanks for spreading the wealth through the web, for providing links to informational websites, etc. I am attending the Historical William Paca House Plant Sale in Annapolis, day before mother\'s day. I look forward to filling my front yard with Blue Star for the front border, my side yard with ground cover. For years, have used mulch for whole front yard, a small hill with one crab apple tree. Now, 2 years after planting phlox along the stairs and driveway, it\'s spilling out over the hill so less mulch is needed, as I hoped. Thanks for the info tips and lovely photos of your website. Your photo of Blue Star have boulders in the foreground, a lovely look. Wondering how boulders are useful in gardens as well as attractive?
Ruthie (May 02, 2009)
I always get these emails that say luck is coming my way and finding this web site was just that! We have an acre lot in an older area with beautiful trees and not one flower bed, it's been overwhelming browsing nurseries for the last 5 years. Now I have my own "nursery" and can leave home with a list knowing what each one will look like. Best web site I've seen, Thanks, Rob
georgina hart (April 30, 2009)
What a terrific website,good fun seeing other peoples gardens on the other side of the world from us.Photos are fantastic!!!
Sarah (April 29, 2009)
Wow, what an extensive personal website. Good job on all the beautiful plants/flowers- and pictures! -Calgary, AB
Peg Rombach-Riggs (April 28, 2009)
What a nice site! Your photos are lovely, and show excellent details. I really appreciate the work you put into identification, your page on Lamiaceae helped me a lot. Best wishes to you, Amy and the kids with your garden and all your projects. Peace and Spring, Peg
Virginia Nicholas (April 24, 2009)
When I search for plant information, I like to know what part of country or zone comments are coming from.
Chris Orr (April 21, 2009)
Great site. Awesome setup, nice pictures, large selection and variety. I'll definately be coming back to check it out and find help with my plant needs. A great service you are doing here!
David Wheeler: Shutesbury, MA 01o72 (April 20, 2009)
Nice site. Wish I lived closer to visit (and purchase) the gardens. I spent many hours at Longwood while growing up in N. Delaware.
Judy Mawhinney (April 19, 2009)
Wow! Beautiful site with photos to boot! Thank you for taking the time to describe and illustrate when, where and how these flowers grow.
Maria Harney (April 19, 2009)
What a neat site, Rob! It is nice to know that there are other garden nuts out there - I love flowers! The time you have taken to amass this info, combined with the lovely pictures is greatly appreciated.
Ray Rolfe (April 04, 2009)
Hello from Minnesota. It's time to grow food! Urban Victory Gardens = Epic Win!
Patti Wolf (March 28, 2009)
What a wonderful site. Exactly the information I was looking for. Straight forward, clear information. Found the baggies and filter and am setting up tomorrow for planting this spring and summer. It's March 26th and snowing outside so it's great to be planning for warm weather.
Phyllis Cheskin (March 22, 2009)
Sandy R. (March 06, 2009)
I was looking for a site that would tell me how, when and where to start seeds. Your site is very informing.
Barack Obama (March 06, 2009)
I was thinking about installing a garden of veggies on the south lawn. Lets do it. Thanks so much.

Such an honor, Mr. POTUS. Go for it!

georgia madden (March 05, 2009)
love your website! we are a landscape architecture and garden design firm in emeryville, california. thanks for evaluating new plants, many of which we can use here on the "Left Coast".
John Moore (March 03, 2009)
Hello Rob, I must say that I find your website and the invaluable information most interesting!! Keep it up. Best wishes from The ancient capital of Siam, Ayuthaya Thailand. John Moore.
Elena Sopoci (February 12, 2009)
I'm so humbled by the amount of work you put into this, and how organized you must be! (You may smile at that, but you've GOTTA be, to have this much documentation, and all the rest, plus a young family!) My hat's off to you and thank you so much for the inspiration and excellent info - especially germination related.
Marsha B. SewSoe (February 11, 2009)
nice site. I will definitely be back to browse more.
Laura Hawthorn (January 31, 2009)
Rob, your site is amazing. I love checking out what a plant looks like and how it behaves in a real garden rather than a catalogue. The time you put into this is much appreciated.
Aaleigha (January 29, 2009)
I absolutely love your' site. Wish I would of found it sooner though. To think of all those seed and time I wasted trying to germinate under the wrong conditions. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your' experience with us.
Dana Lisa (January 28, 2009)
Awesome web site !!! Very much enjoyed the photos and have learned a lot of information, will use as a guide when I am seeking answers about flowers and plants. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into keeping up such a great site!
James T. Garner (January 22, 2009)
Great site, selection and information. Will visit often!! James Garner Customer service rep. Park Seed Co. ext3342
rob aptaker (January 21, 2009)
I'm a mushroom hunter and cultivator. I can help answer some of the questions your members may have about fungi they find on their property. (See my posting today on your page about fungi). I also teach a workshop on how to cultivate shiitake and oyster mushrooms. This is a winter workshop. Any chance that your members would be interested? I can also share information about edible mushrooms people can cultivate in their vegetable gardens which ALSO help the veggies grow better.

Hi Rob - Thanks for the ID on my mushroom page. I don't have members - though I like to think my site has regular visitors.


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