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major a lewis (December 31, 2008)
stumbled across your site and loved it. I was however shocked that there was no mention of "splish splash" or "tiny monster" - they're amazing. I hybidize out of interest and started a cransbill+ collection so your discription of species was great.
borla giuseppe Torino (December 30, 2008)
bella foto della veronica longifolia , posso utilizzarla per ragioni de educazione ecologica , vorrei metterla su cd delle flora protetta della regione Piemonte in italia Grazie Borla
Gillian (December 13, 2008)
I'm frankly impressed with your pictures and detailed information on each plant you grow. This is an invaluable website, you not only give information but full pictures od each plants, which other site lack in their information. You are appreciated please keep educating us gardners and filling our lives with your beautiful and generous work.
Julliana (December 13, 2008)
Your plants are beautifully photographed and I love the variety you grow. Most pleasing to us garden lovers lovers. Lovely lovely.
john campbell (December 07, 2008)
Great website. I am trying a lot of new plants and I find your website very useful. Thanks Rob.
Kim Rice (November 22, 2008)
Your website is an excellent resource. I would highly recommend it to others. In fact, I have a link to it from my new webpage!
Loretta Torres (November 18, 2008)
Your web site is very nicely done.
elvis kofi (November 15, 2008)
I am a diplomat who absolutely loves your website. I have refered to it many, many times for the excellent pictures and information you provide. The only thing better than visiting your website would be to visit your gardens!! Keep up the great work!
susan Battersby (November 01, 2008)
A delightful site!!!
Chané George (October 27, 2008)
Wonderful site, really enjoy the wide variety of Arachnids. I breed with Tarantula's & Trapdoor spiders currently, I have loved the marvelous engineering of my eight legged friends. Beautiful pictures, showing exquisite detail. Keep it up!!!=^_^=
sheri -TTexas (October 23, 2008)
beautiful photography and very infomative. Thank you for your time and dedication
Alex Trotta (October 08, 2008)
Hey Rob,what's up? I bookmarked the Woodsee Owl Site and got this. This is a cool blog. Looks like you guys are serious gardeners. I am intersted in gardening & landscaping but I have never really had a chance to get into it. I just planted some mums out front and I'm trying to keep them alive. I'm going to put some fertilizer 10-60-10 on today. Is that a good idea? Any other mum tips? Shoot me an email when you have time. Take Care Alex
Pauline Stephenson (October 05, 2008)
I so enjoyed reading your web page. How did I find it? I was searching for Clematis heracleifolia. I am a Clematis lover, mostly vines, but did see this shrub in an old garden book. Your pictures are great. I live in Central Oregon so can't drop off my plant pots to you.
Jodi from AZ (September 30, 2008)
Love your site. I love when a site includes pictures of full grown plants. Thanks
Bea Mastropierro in Buenos Aires (September 07, 2008)
Fabulous! The quality of your photos and the technical information about the plants is amazing. Thank you for your generosity sharing it with all of us. Congratulations!!
Betty Marcum in Virginia (September 04, 2008)
Whoops! Sorry. I got so excited about your website and sent you an E-mail message. WONDERFUL web site. BEAUTIFUL pictures. We just purchased 2 Japanese Hollies - 'Sky Pencils'. What a living exclamation point they make in our landscape!
Brigitte Eaton (August 25, 2008)
I've barely dipped my toe into your site, but from what i've already seen i love it! the wealth & breadth of information is astounding. it's the kind of site i'd aspire to have if i ever get around to redoing my site and (of course) devoting it to my garden. thank you for such a great inspiration. :)
ken warren (August 22, 2008)
loved reading your site, can relate to it so much as i've been selling plants from home for around 8 years, specialising in bromeliads, started with 8x8 shade house down the back, well over the years things have grown, with plants all the way up to the back door, never get some much joy when comming home to find a bag of empty pots next to the letterbox !
J. Brownlee (August 22, 2008)
I was just googling for a nice picture of Chelone. I love your site. I love your photos. I know keeping up a website/blog is a bit of work. Thanks.
Janice Carter (August 21, 2008)
I really admire your website and adored reading some of your Journal entries. Wonderful! A true gardeners soul shines bright! ps I love seed too, but do direct seeding only now, as I find it works better. Don't like fussing with seedlings. I am in zone 7 in NC, but gardened in Massachusetts for most of my life. Seed loves to grow in NC!!!! smile! Thank you for this bright spot! Janice
Russell May (August 17, 2008)
Thanks for the silene maritina info. We collected the plant from the cliffs in Cornwall and it fits your description exactly.
Beryl in Ann Arbor, MI (August 13, 2008) (August 13, 2008)
What an interesting website. Lucky for me I came across it by chance.Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and your journal. I shall be a regular visitor!
Kerri (August 08, 2008)
I found your site while trying to identify a flower I had taken a picture of by a little creek. It turned out to be golden club. Thanks for helping me verifly it. My website is (the http stuff you know)
gloria (August 04, 2008)
I was looking for a particular plant and you came up first
Gaby (July 29, 2008)
I really enjoyed visiting your website ! I was looking for a picture of pinellia ternata and was amazed to se all your lovely photos ! I have just bought my first pinellia and I love the look of them very much ! Best wishes for a great garden summer from Sweden !
Penney Berggren, Denton, MD (July 27, 2008)
I came across your site while researching plants available from my local arboretum's fall native plant sale. You have put together a very impressive collection of plants, photos, links, & information! Thank you for sharing it with everyone.For anyone interested in the preservation of the mid-Atlantic region's native plants, trees & habitats, check out Happy Gardening!

Thanks for the suggestion! I'd visited the Adkins site before, but not recently.

Lorrie in Pittsburgh PA (July 25, 2008)
I am very happy to have found your website. I am a gardener with a passion for dark plants. I have recently had to move and leave behind my enormous plant collection. I was searching in an effort to replace some of them and you have several that I will be purchasing. Lovely to meet you.
Laura from Washington Township, PA (July 19, 2008)
Hello Rob...and family! I came across your site totally by accident. I was looking for information on yucca filamentosa aka Adam's Needle. I will be spending a lot of time on your site...the amount of information here is wonderful. I am already excited about next year's plant sale! Keep up the great work and happy gardening!
Krista Kulas (July 15, 2008)
Your garden is amazing! I hope to have something even half that nice one day.
Jamie C. (July 14, 2008)
I have been looking for a site like yours! very informative and love pictures! I am new to gardening but have found a new love for doing it. I need the extra info. and lets face it if your not sure of the plant then pics. help. Thanks again, I'll be here again.
John Alison (July 10, 2008)
Dear Rob -- I stumbled on your website by sheer chance (looking for a deep purple vernonia): what wonderful work! This is everything that a garden should be. I plan to visit often, just to see what you're doing. Many thanks, John Alison, Falls Church, Virginia.
Nancy Brataas (July 07, 2008)
I just commented that "I have most of the plants you have,etc,etc" . . .thinking you are a Thilictrum ONLY collector. Then I read the comments from others,and realize you have a huge garden filled with alot more than JUST Thilictrum!!!!! And that your website is huge! The plant 'Elin' I mentioned refers back to when I thought you were devoted only to Thalictrum, of course. I do not know how I found you and your website . . . but I'm so glad I did. I send you deep thanks for sharing.
Nancy Brataas (July 06, 2008)
Wonderful website. Thank you so much ! I have most of the varieties you mentioned . . . plus one called Elin, with lavender and yellow blooms,which look a bit grey from a distance.
Susan D. Walsh (July 06, 2008)
Thank you for the picture and information. I personally, wouldn't mind if you made comment on the value of each plant in your garden. Again, thank you for information I couldn't get elsewhere.
Louise Lebrun (July 03, 2008)
Votre site est une mine d'or d'informations que je visite régulièrement ! Félicitations! Very nice work and thanks for all those informations !
Pam Bourgeois (June 28, 2008)
After searching the web for a long time, you were the one to give me the name of Achillea sibirica var. camtschatica 'Love Parade.' I too love to document my plants with photos and captions here on our 1 3/4 acre paradise in Exeter NH.
Quezia,London UK (June 26, 2008)
My compliments on your beautiful garden!
Marcia Murphy (June 25, 2008)
I'm an avid gardener and stumbled upon your website. I'm so pleased to have found it. We live on Cape Cod so gardening here is a little different than other parts of Massachusetts. Your site seems to cover many different types of plants and zones. Great Info! It is now on my "favorites" list!
Bob from San Antonio Texas (June 22, 2008)
Found your site while looking for seed germination technigues, (Texas Gold Star Esperanza), I'll be in your area in late September, attending my wife's 50th High School reunion. I'd like to visit? I'll send email for directions, if permissable? Thanks for great site filled with plenty of useful information.

Hi Bob - I just sent you an email. Hope we can connect in September.

Jayne (June 21, 2008)
Thanks for the info on sedum reflexum. Little plant flourishing in my garden here in England and not one book would tell me its name!!
Zahra (June 16, 2008)
Hello thank you very much for your great website, i have got my PhD in weed science and i enjoyed browsing in your web. thanks for being cool! All the best and kindest regards
Ms Muddy Toes (alias Lynn) (June 12, 2008)
What a site! Thank you so much for sharing. We live in the mid-west and I would love to do landscaping like yours and share it on a website. I can't imagine how much time it would take. What do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking? Wow! I am so impressed! Keep up the wonderful hobby and keep sharing!

Hi Lynn - I'm a chemical engineer during office hours :-)

richard jones (June 12, 2008)
I found your info very good even fascinating thank you sincerely rich
Nicole Lynch (June 08, 2008)
found your site while searching for abelmoschus manihot germination instructions. Enjoyed reading your journal. Marked your pages and will be back to read some more.
Gaby (May 24, 2008)
I've just found your site and I love it! I really love plants and I'd like having a garden with as many species as possible, just like you, my only problem is that I live in a small appartment with no balcony!. Even so, I have a lot of plants and I experiment frequently with new species, sometimes I'm lucky! Congratulations and thanks for all the information in your site! Greetings from Argentina!
Shahna (May 24, 2008)
What a wonderful web page you have created. It made my referencing so much easier. Thanks and congratulations
Katy Stremich (May 23, 2008)
Beautiful Tamarix pictures!!! I've been searching and searching for one of these trees. I'm moving and can't stand the thought of not having one!!! Katy
jcand (May 10, 2008)
I haven't been to your site recently. Wow! I shared the link with neighbor friends and they all love it. So when is a book coming out? Seriously. So nicely done. :-)

Glad you stopped by! I'm afraid my garden musings are better suited for the internet - one page at a time :-)

Nancy Rizer (May 07, 2008)
Love you site! Found it while looking for a white flowering plant given to me 3 yrs ago and did'nt know what it was. It seeds itself and blooms the 2nd yr. The leaves look like a geranium. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and beautiful photos!
Michael Dutton (April 27, 2008)
shame you are on the other side of the big pond i would love to visit all the best michael
AL and MARY (April 25, 2008)
A great site, very informative. The wife and I discovered the Jack in the Pulpit "ARISAEMA TRIPHYLLUM" 8 years ago when walking through the woods. Just one plant has produced hundreds in our semi shaded garden using plain wood mulch and some compost thrown in. We use plant markers with the Latin names which fascinate visitors and friends. You site is now in our favorites for future reference.
Patrick Schoepple (April 25, 2008)
My Wife and I were surprised and delighted to see someone who lives close to us (SW A-town)has the same interest and passion for gardening. Hope to make your plant sale. Our garden expands more every year, and this year we have dedicated our expansion to host/nectar plants to attract butterflies.
Raquel gonzàlez tejerina (April 23, 2008)
Estoy buscando informaciòn sobre el sauce salix matsudana "Tortuosa" puès para este invierno un grupo de docentes en mi ciudad implantarà estas especies en un paseo que se llamarà "Paseo del maestro" y justamente estaràn ubicados cerca del monumento al primer docente del distrito.Me agradò mucho lo encontrado en estas pàginas para el cuidado de las especies.Gracias
Bill H Pittsburgh, PA (April 20, 2008)
Thank you for taking the time to do this. Pittsburgh is a bit of a drive, but I'd like to make it to your sale. Beautiful.
Beverly De (April 13, 2008)
Your site is delightful. The amount of work this must take is mind-boggling, but it shows your passion for plants and gardening. I wish I could come to your plant sale, but Texas is a long way from Allentown. You have wonderful gardens and an encyclopedically informative site. Thank you.
Melissa Merriman (April 10, 2008)
Hi,I happened upon your site looking for information on erigeron speciousus(flea bane)and found your site. I love that you have great pictures of your plants and great info too. I think its wonderful that you have made your own site and that you do a plant sale each year, I hope to get to that point someday! I am a horticulture student in Omaha, Nebraska and we try to do a plant exchange each year among the students. Thanks, Melissa, Omaha, NE
Kim Stevens, Wilton, NH (April 10, 2008)
Hi I like your renovation of your rock garden. How inspiring! Do you have any small spring bulbs in there? They would be a great addition. My crocus are blooming that I got from colorblends. There bulbs are simply amazing. We do a fund raiser for Crotched Mountain every year. I am so glad that I found your site.
Kim Stevens, Wilton, NH (April 09, 2008)
Thank you for the great photos. We are doing a plant sale at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, NH. It is wonderful to have the latin names to put on the tags. Kim
TechnoNana (April 06, 2008)
Love you site! I live in Midwest USA but I think our climate is similar except we may usually be a bit drier. Not this year with all the flooding. We live on a hill so no problem for us tho. I will definitely be back. I want to read all your entries.
Avalon (April 02, 2008)
I'm inspired to make a site too! I live in California. In Sacramento. The land of impossible growth. :) I have a garden... kind of. Thanks. Ill pot a link to my site thats gonna form.......
C Crowley (March 31, 2008)
Your gardens are beautiful- I'm envious!! I'm in southern Maine, zone 5, where it was snowing today... where is spring?! I am hoping to do a whiskey barrel water garden this year, & plan to put a few guppies in to eat the skeeters. We are lucky enough to have a couple vernal ponds on our property, which support wood frogs & salamanders as well as dragonflies & fairy shrimp. I'm working at the gardens, but it's slow going with bony New England woods to work with. Thanks for your great website!
Marie from Essex, Ontario (March 30, 2008)
We moved from the city to 26 acres out in the country there has not been much gardening done. Looking for tips on how to get started. I love flowers and vegetables.
Steph from Swampscott, MA (March 28, 2008)
Love, love, love your site!
Cathy (March 27, 2008)
I'm so happy to have found your wonderful website with its wealth of information. Thank you for sharing your expertise in such an organized way. As a relatively new gardener of 3 years and now growing about 300 varieties, my husband thought I was crazy until I showed him your site...Thanks for making me feel so normal about my obsession with gardening.

Heh, you'll be at 1000 varieties in no time - just start lots of seeds, and make friends with other obsessive gardeners in your area!

Deirdre Rahn (March 27, 2008)
I started hobby gardening a few years back. I have about 5 acres of gardening space surrounding our home in the Hamburg,PA area. It has been a struggle to connect with local gardeners but I just found your site and it has been an excellent resource. Thank you so much.

Great to hear from you, Deirdre. Gardening on five acres would be another thing altogether! My half-acre keeps me plenty busy :-)

Vernette (March 24, 2008)
As a new home owner, I'm looking forward to "playing in the dirt" with a veggie garden and lots of flowers. I came across your site hoping to find a Lehigh Valley Garden Club. I welcome e-mail from anyone who may be interested in garden partnering or simply to provide advice since I'm a newbie gardener - PALady4JC at yahoo dot com. Thanks for the great website!
Jean Keer (March 24, 2008)
We have several gardens of Cranesbill Geraniums in our yard and would like to get more, especially ones that are more tolerant of strong sunlight. I have one area where the current ones seem to die out during the heat and strong sun of July and August. Looking forward to your plant sale, was looking for a local site for geraniums. Will bookmark your site - Thank You.
Ruth Marie, South Carolina (March 23, 2008)
Your site is amazing! I've bookmarked it so that I can return. There is so much to learn and reading on your site is like having a "mini-course" in gardening! Thank you for taking the time to share with the world!
bev,cincinnati,ohio (March 23, 2008)
love your site!!!!
Scott--Ontario, Canada (March 19, 2008)
Wonderful site! The pictures are surreal and the comments along with them are inspiring. Keep up the great work!
christy (March 11, 2008)
Thank you for producing and maintaining such a beautiful resource. I'm glad I found you and I will be back.
Sue (March 09, 2008)
ROb- I googled chaenomeles Toyo-Nishiki and got your web site. Thanks for sharing your garden. Allentown is certainly prolific. I will tell my Allentown friend about you!! - Rachel Stone Kennel. Sue
Gerd Oellermann, Ulm/Deutschland (March 01, 2008)
Schön, dass es Ihre Seite gibt. Sie hat mir sehr geholfen. Danke vielmals! Gerd
Doreen Hunter, U.K>February 2008 (February 29, 2008)
I've been over three hours on your informative, fantastic website, initially looking for a low-growing geranium to fill a small gap. Good job I'm retired!
LeAnne Krause - Slatedale,PA (February 26, 2008)
Hey Rob and Amy! Great site tons of info Beautiful pictures
AK, Ontario, Canada (February 23, 2008)
Well organized website and every link works!! (I want a website like that)
Annette Weber (January 17, 2008)
Am so glad I found you.
Corinne Applegate, Hainesport, NJ (January 08, 2008)
I was looking up Talinum paniculatum and I found your lane. I can't believe that you have all those plants in that area that are on your list. I thought I was a plantaholic but you beat me to the title. Great website. It's my second time on it. Thanks for all your hard work.
Lisa in Denmark (January 07, 2008)
Just wanted to thank you for such a helpful website. I am a transplanted american who has just purchased a 70 year old house in Denmark and am having a heck of a time identifying what is coming up in my garden. Not to mention if I identify it...then understanding how to take care of it. Your search tools and information is great! Thanks!
Dr. Clemencia Cagan (January 03, 2008)
I loved flowers a lot! Hope to have a garden like yours soon!!!

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