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Kikkers - art frogs

Our garden is fully of artsy kitschy "pieces" - you can read about a bunch of them on my ¿Garden art? page. But one type of art object is by far the best represented in the garden. Perhaps I shouldn't explain just why; suffice it to say, this special place is reserved for our amphibian croaking friends - frogs! Frog isn't a bad word, but the Dutch have an even better word, and I'd be remiss if I didn't educate you about my excellent father tongue. So let's call 'm kikkers, shall we? Enjoy the kikker gallery below!

Our most exuberant frog, so happy he shines!

Quirkier, with his springy appendages, this one loves his station in life - tucked in between fragrant herbs.

Despite his bout of chicken pox, this fella is always full of glee. He keeps an eye on the sky above our puddle-pond, on the lookout for damselflies.

Realtor frog - wanna buy a mushroom?

Amazing how many shapes art frogs take - and we still recognize all these stylized forms as representations of their flesh-and-bone models. Sheet metal dude keeps watch over our waterfall.

Not the smartest ribbiter, but right at home among the love-in-a-puff seedlings all around him.

In summer, technicolor frog is mostly hidden by lush foliage in our shade garden - but he really shines in winter and spring. If you look very closely, you'll see your reflection in his eyes!

Always ready to catch the raindrops, this frog's scale is really more suited to intimate settings than the wide open garden. To increase his stature, I placed him on the pedestal of our now-defunct concrete bird bath.

Mister Spitter has a humble background – he was rescued from the shelves at Home Depot – but boy, he can sure spit far! I like the constant clatter of water sound he produces in our little patio pond. His brethren in the flesh look upon him with some suspicion.

Hornfrog considers himself the pied piper of Lush Gardens, luring slugs and mosquitoes into his lair. I'm very supportive of that.

Sits in quiet contemplation and appreciation of our swimming pond, where his relatives attempt to communicate with him in their bullhorn manner. But meditation frog is never roused out of his reverie.

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