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Plant family: ranunculaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the ranunculaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Aconitum anthora yellow monkshoodperennial (Z5) yellow (late summer)to 20"
Aconitum carmichaelii monkshoodperennial (zone 3-7) purple (fall)2-3'
Aconitum hemsleyanum 'Red Wine' monkshoodperennial (Z4) wine-red (late summer-fall)6'
Aconitum hybrids monkshoodperennial blue-purple30-48"
Aconitum lamarckii perennial (Z4-8) yellow (summer)30"
Aconitum sachalinense perennial blue
Aconitum septentrionale 'Ivorine' monkshoodperennial (Z3) white (summer)3-4'
Actaea racemosa snakeroot; black cohoshperennial white (early summer)to 6'
Actaea simplex 'Brunette' black snakeroot; bugbaneperennial pink (fall)5-6'
Adonis aestivalis summer pheasant's-eyeannual red (summer)16"
Anemone albana Albanian pasque-flowerperennial (Z5-9) pale yellow6-12"
Anemone altaica perennial various colors (spring)4-8"
Anemone baldensis Mt. Baldo windroseperennial (Z6-9) white5-12"
Anemone berlandieri tenpetal thimbleflower; southern windflowerperennial (Z7-9) white to purple (late winter-early spring)6"
Anemone biarmiensis windflowerperennial (Z3-8) white or soft yellow (summer)12-18"
Anemone blanda Grecian windflowerperennial various (April)4"
Anemone caroliniana Carolina anemone light blue, white, or pink (mid-spring)3-6"
Anemone coronaria windflowerperennial (Z6/7-10) various colors (late spring)12"
Anemone cruciata windflowerperennial off-white10"
Anemone cylindrica thimbleweedperennial white12-24"
Anemone hupehensis Japanese windflowerperennial (Z4-8) soft pink (summer)4'
Anemone lithophila perennial white to light blue4-8"
Anemone montana perennial dark purple/burgundy (spring)
Anemone multifida windflowerperennial (Z3-8) purple (summer)12"
Anemone multifida var. tetonensis perennial red
Anemone palmata yellow anemoneperennial (Z6) yellow (late spring)12"
Anemone pratensis 'Nigricans' perennial dark purple (spring)4-12"
Anemone rivularis Himalayan windflowerperennial (Z5-8) white (late spring)24-36"
Anemone sulphurea perennial yellow
Anemone sylvestris snowdrop anemoneperennial (Z4-8) white (spring)10-18"
Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima' grape-leaf anemoneperennial (Z3-8) pink (summer)18"
Anemone virginiana thimbleweedperennial greenish white (June)
Anemone x hybrida 'Andrea Atkinson' and 'Honorine Jobert' Japanese windflower (white forms)perennial (Z4) white (August-October)3'
Anemone x hybrida 'Prince Henry' Japanese windflowerperennial (Z4) pink (late summer-fall)4'
Anemone x lesseri windflowerperennial (Z5-8) various colors (late spring-early summer)12-16"
Anemonopsis macrophylla perennial white24"
Aquilegia 'Cap de Rositier' columbineperennial pink (May)12-18"
Aquilegia alpina blue alpine columbineperennial (Z4-7) deep blue (spring)20"
Aquilegia atrata dark columbineperennial (Z3-8) deep burgundy24-36"
Aquilegia atrovinosa columbineperennial (Z4-8) dark purple (late spring-early summer)12-18"
Aquilegia bertolonii Bertoloni's columbineperennial (Z2-9) blue (May)12"
Aquilegia buergeriana 'Calimero' columbineperennial (Z6-10) yellow/burgundy (late spring-summer)8"
Aquilegia canadensis wild red columbineperennial (Z3-8) red with yellow (April-May)2-3'
Aquilegia chrysantha columbineperennial (Z3-9) yellow2-3'
Aquilegia coerulea Colorado blue columbineperennial (Z3-8) blue/white (spring)18-24"
Aquilegia desertorum Arizona columbineperennial (Z5-8) orange-red/yellow12-18"
Aquilegia discolor columbineperennial (Z4) blue/white (April-May)6"
Aquilegia ecalcarata spurless columbineperennial (Z6-9) dusky pink-violet (May)12"
Aquilegia flabellata fan columbineperennial blue/white (May)6", 12"
Aquilegia formosa Western red columbineperennial red/orange12"
Aquilegia fragrans sweet-scented columbineperennial (Z5-9) yellow/white (spring)12-18"
Aquilegia kareliniana Afghan columbineperennial (Z3-10) violet24"
Aquilegia longissima longspur columbineperennial (Z3-9) yellow (spring)2-3'
Aquilegia micrantha columbineperennial white, blue, or pink (spring-summer)12-24"
Aquilegia nevadensis columbineperennial purple20"
Aquilegia ottonis perennial blue/white12-20"
Aquilegia oxysepala columbineperennial purple/cream12-24"
Aquilegia pyrenaica Pyrenees columbineperennial (Z5-8) blueto 12"
Aquilegia rockii columbineperennial lilac/whiteto 15"
Aquilegia scopulorum perennial (Z5-9) blue (spring-early summer)6"
Aquilegia shockleyi desert columbineperennial (Z6-10) yellow/red4-8"
Aquilegia skinneri perennial (Z3-10) red/yellow (late spring-summer)18-36"
Aquilegia vulgaris columbineperennial mixed2-3 ft
Aquilegia x hybrida 'Crimson Star' columbineperennial red/white2-3 ft
Caltha palustris marsh marigold, kingcupperennial (Z3) yellow12-18"
Clematis fremontii Fremont's leather flowerperennial (Z4-7) purple to white (spring)12-18"
Clematis heracleifolia tube clematissubshrub (Z5-9) blue (late summer)3-4' tall, 2' wide
Clematis hybrids perennial variousvine, to 10 ft or more
Clematis integrifolia shrub (Z3-7) blue (summer)18-36"
Clematis koreana var. fragrans perennial
Clematis ladakhiana perennial (Z6-9) yellow (summer-fall)vine to 4-6'
Clematis macropetala downy clematisperennial (Z3-8) violet-bluevine to 10'
Clematis ochroleuca curlyheadsperennial white
Clematis recta var. purpurea ground clematisperennial (Z3-9) white (May-July)2-4'
Clematis serratifolia perennial vine yellow (July-Oct)to 9'
Clematis stans perennial (Z5-10) blue30"
Clematis tangutica golden clematis, Old man's beardperennial vine (Z3-8) yellow (summer)to 12'
Clematis terniflora sweet autumn clematisperennial (Z5-9) white (late summer-fall)vine to 15-30'
Clematis terniflora var. mandshurica Manchurian clematisperennial (Z5-9) white (late spring)vine to 6'
Clematis viorna northern leatherflower; vasevineperennial (Z4-8) pinkvine to 6'
Clematis x jouiniana 'Praecox' perennial (Z4-8) white (summer)rambler to 10'
Consolida ajacis rocket larkspurannual blue, white, pink (June-July)4'
Consolida regalis regal knight's spur; field larkspurannual purple
Delphinium andersonii Anderson's larkspurperennial dark blue/white (mid-spring)18"
Delphinium brunonianum musk larkspurperennial (Z3-6) blue6-18"
Delphinium cashmerianum perennial blue12"
Delphinium caucasicum perennial blue
Delphinium decorum yellow-tinge larkspurperennial dark purple-blue (spring)4-12"
Delphinium delavayi perennial blue (June)2-3'
Delphinium elatum perennial larkspurperennial blue3-4 ft
Delphinium exaltatum tall larkspurperennial (Z5-7) blue (late summer)4-6'
Delphinium grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly' larkspurperennial blue (June-July)12-18"
Delphinium hybrids perennial
Delphinium likiangense perennial (Z7-9) blue (late summer)
Delphinium maackianum perennial purple (late summer)28"
Delphinium menziesii Menzies' larkspurperennial (?) blue12-20"
Delphinium nuttallianum perennial
Delphinium oreophilum perennial blue (late spring-early summer)16-20"
Delphinium patens spreading larkspur; zigzag larkspurperennial blue (late spring-summer)8-20"
Delphinium pylzowii perennial blue-purple (June-July)4-20"
Delphinium tatsienense perennial blue (summer)4-20"
Delphinium x belladonna 'Volkerfrieden' perennial larkspurperennial (Z4-7) blue (summer)30-48"
Helleborus foetidus stinking hellebore, bear's-paw helleboreperennial (Z5-9) green-white2 ft
Helleborus lividus perennial
Helleborus lividus subsp. corsicus Corsican helleboreperennial green2'
Helleborus niger Christmas roseperennial white1 ft
Helleborus orientalis ssp. guttatus lenten roseperennial
Helleborus x hybridus lenten roseperennial different (multi-)colors2'
Helleborus x sternii perennial (Z6-9) pale green (spring)12"
Isopyrum biternatum false rue anemoneperennial (Z3-8) white (spring)6-9"
Nigella damascena love in a mistannual light-mid blue2'
Nigella hispanica 'African Bride' Spanish love-in-a-mistannual white36"
Paraquilegia anemonoides perennial lavender
Pulsatilla alpina subsp. apiifolia perennial yellow (spring)to 18"
Pulsatilla ambigua perennial deep violet6-10"
Pulsatilla campanella perennial purple (spring)6-8"
Pulsatilla chinensis perennial purple
Pulsatilla flavescens yellow pasqueflowerperennial yellow (spring)
Pulsatilla turczaninovii Siberian pasqueflowerperennial dark blue (early spring)18"
Pulsatilla vernalis spring anemoneperennial white (spring)8"
Pulsatilla vulgaris pasque flowerperennial (Z4-8) violet12"
Pulsatilla zimmermannii perennial violet
Ranunculus abortivus buttercup; small-flowered crowfootannual yellow (April)
Ranunculus flammula lesser spearwortperennial (Z5-9) yellow (late spring-summer)12"
Ranunculus gramineus grassy-leaved buttercupperennial (Z5-9) yellow (late spring-early summer)10-12"
Ranunculus repens creeping buttercupperennial (Z4-9) yellow9-12"
Ranunculus repens 'Buttered Popcorn' creeping buttercupperennial (Z4-9) yellow (spring)9-12"
Thalictrum 'Black Stockings' meadow rueperennial (Z5-8) pinkto 6'
Thalictrum alpinum alpine meadow rueperennial greenish white (early summer)8"
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium meadow rueperennial (Z5-9) lavender (May-June)2-3'
Thalictrum baicalense meadow rueperennial white
Thalictrum chelidonii meadow rueperennial lavender-blue (July-August)to 7'
Thalictrum dasycarpum purple meadow rueperennial (Z4-7) white (June)3-5'
Thalictrum delavayi Yunnan meadow rueperennial lavender (July-Aug)2-3'
Thalictrum filamentosum perennial white (spring)6-14"
Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum yellow meadow rue; dusty meadow rueperennial yellow (June)6'
Thalictrum kiusianum dwarf meadow rueperennial lavender (early summer)4-6"
Thalictrum lucidum shining meadow rueperennial yellow (early summer)5'
Thalictrum minus small meadow rueperennial blue (May)8"
Thalictrum occidentale western meadow rueperennial (Z5) pinkish-white (May)to 40"
Thalictrum pubescens tall meadow rueperennial white (early summer)6'
Thalictrum reniforme meadow rueperennial purple24"
Thalictrum rochebrunianum lavender mist meadow rueperennial (Z4-7) lavender4 ft
Trollius asiaticus Asian globeflowerperennial yellow-orange18-20"
Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen' globeflowerperennial orange-yellow3-4' tall
Trollius ircuticus globeflowerperennial (Z3) orange (mid-late summer)24"
Trollius laxus American globeflowerperennial pale yellow (spring)12-20"
Trollius pumilus dwarf globeflowerperennial yellow (May)6"
Trollius yunnanensis Chinese globeflowerperennial golden yellow (spring-summer)16-20"

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