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Plant family: plantaginaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the plantaginaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Angelonia angustifolia summer snapdragontender perennial (Z9-11) blue12-18"
Antirrhinum molle dwarf snapdragonperennial white-lavender
Bacopa caroliniana lemon bacopaperennial (Z7-10) blue1-2"
Chelone glabra 'Black Ace' white turtleheadperennial (Z5-8) white (late summer)4-5'
Cymbalaria muralis Kenilworth ivyperennial purple/white2"
Cymbalaria pallida 'Albiflora' Italian toadflaxperennial white (spring-fall)2"
Digitalis fontanesii perennial cream with reddish markings (late spring-summer)
Digitalis laevigata 'Gracea' foxglovebiennial orange-yellow/purple-brown (early summer)3-4'
Digitalis viridiflora green foxgloveperennial (Z6-9) yellow-green (summer)24-36"
Erinus alpinus alpine balsamperennial (Z4-10) violet (spring into summer)2-4"
Galvezia juncea Baja bush snapdragonperennial (Z9-10) red (summer)36"
Globularia cordifolia heart-leaf globe daisyperennial blue6"
Globularia meridionalis globe daisyperennial (Z5-7) blue (summer)6" (to 12" in bloom)
Globularia nudicaulis perennial blue
Globularia repens matted globe daisyperennial blue (late spring)4"
Linaria aeruginea 'Lindeza Violet' toadflaxannual/tender perennial various colors (summer-early fall)4-10"
Maurandella antirrhiniflora snapdragon vineperennial (Z8-10) violetvine to 6'
Mecardonia procumbens baby jump-upannual yellow (spring-summer)
Penstemon 'Cherry Sparks' beardtongueperennial (Z5-9) red (spring-summer)18-20"
Penstemon 'Ruby' beardtongueperennial (Z9-10) red-pink (summer-fall)20"
Penstemon alamosensis Alamo canyon beardtongueperennial red24"
Penstemon alpinus alpine penstemonperennial blue (summer)10-12"
Penstemon ambiguus gilia penstemon; bush penstemonperennial pink (May-June)12-20"
Penstemon angustifolius narrow-leaf beardtongueperennial blue (late spring-summer)12"
Penstemon arenicola sand penstemonperennial purple-blue4-8"
Penstemon baccharifolius rock penstemon, cut-leaf beardtongueperennial (Z8-10) red (summer)12-18"
Penstemon canescens gray beard-tongueperennial lavender (May)18"
Penstemon cardinalis ssp. cardinalis scarlet penstemon; pride of the mountainperennial (Z5-10) red15-27"
Penstemon cardwellii Cardwell's penstemonperennial/subshrub (Z6) pink24"
Penstemon caryi perennial blue-violet9"
Penstemon cobaea showy beard-tongueperennial (Z5-9) pink (summer)3' tall, 18" wide
Penstemon confertus yellow penstemonperennial (Z4) creamy white-pale yellow (spring)16"
Penstemon crandallii Crandall's penstemonperennial lavender (late spring-summer)
Penstemon cyananthus wasatch penstemonperennial? sky blue2-3'
Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' foxglove beardtongueperennial white (June)2'
Penstemon eatonii Eaton's penstemon; firecracker penstemonperennial (Z4-8) scarlet (late spring-early summer)18-24"
Penstemon euglaucus perennial (Z5-8) violet-blue (late spring)18"
Penstemon glaber var. alpinus sawsepal penstemon blue
Penstemon grandiflorus large-flowered penstemonperennial (Z3-9) lavender (summer)3-4'
Penstemon hallii Hall's penstemonperennial (Z4-8) blue-purple6-8"
Penstemon heterophyllus chaparral penstemonperennial (Z6-10) blue (May-June)to 2 ft
Penstemon hirsutus hairy penstemonperennial (Z4-9) lavender/white (May-June)12"
Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus dwarf hairy penstemonperennial (Z3-9) lavender with white tips4"
Penstemon jamesii ssp. ophianthus perennial violet to lavender4-20"
Penstemon kunthii Kunth's penstemonperennial (Z5-10) purple-magenta (summer)24"
Penstemon labrosus scarlet penstemon, scarlet buglerperennial (Z4-10) red8-24"
Penstemon laricifolius perennial
Penstemon laxiflorus nodding penstemon, loose-flowered beardtongueperennial (Z7-9) pink-lavender (spring)18-24"
Penstemon linarioides ssp. coloradoensis Colorado narrowleaf beardtongueperennial (Z4-9) lavender6-12"
Penstemon neomexicanus New Mexico penstemonperennial (Z4-9) lilac (June)16-28"
Penstemon nitidus shining penstemonperennial (Z2-7) blue4-12"
Penstemon ophianthus snake-flowered penstemonperennial pink6-12"
Penstemon ovatus broad-leaved penstemonperennial (Z3-8) blue12-40"
Penstemon pachyphyllus thickleaf penstemonperennial blue
Penstemon palmeri Palmer penstemon; balloon flowerperennial (Z4-9) pale pink (late spring-early summer)3'
Penstemon parryi Parry's penstemonperennial (Z8-10) pink (early spring)12-36"
Penstemon pinifolius pine-leaf penstemonperennial red (late spring-summer)12"
Penstemon procerus small-flowered penstemonperennial (Z3) blue or white (May)2"
Penstemon ramaleyi Ramaley's penstemonperennial blue (early summer)
Penstemon rostriflorus bridges penstemon; beak-flowered penstemonperennial (Z4-10) red (summer)18-36"
Penstemon schmidel 'Red Riding Hood' beardtongueperennial (Z5-9) pink-red (summer-fall)24"
Penstemon secundiflorus sidebells penstemonperennial pink14"
Penstemon serrulatus Cascade penstemonperennial purple (summer)18-24"
Penstemon smallii Small's penstemonperennial (Z5-9) lilac (May-June)18-24"
Penstemon strictus Rocky Mountain penstemonperennial (Z4-9) purple or blue (summer)24"
Penstemon tenuis Gulf Coast penstemonperennial (Z7-10) lavender to violet24"
Penstemon thurberi desert surpriseperennial (Z6-10) 24-36"
Penstemon triflorus scarlet penstemon; Heller's beardtongueperennial dark pink20"
Penstemon triphyllus whorled penstemonperennial lavender (May-July)18"
Penstemon tubaeflorus beard tongueperennial (Z4-8) white (spring)12-36"
Penstemon utahensis perennial (Z5-10) red24"
Penstemon venustus shrubby penstemonperennial pink (June)
Penstemon virens blue mist beardtongueperennial (Z4-8) blue8"
Penstemon virgatus stiff beardtongue; wandbloom penstemonperennial (Z6) violet-blue (late summer)15"
Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's penstemonperennial dark purple (summer)2'
Penstemon wilcoxii Wilcox's beardtongueperennial blue (spring-early summer)
Penstemon wrightii Texas rose penstemon; Wright's penstemonperennial pink-red (spring)24-36"
Penstemon x mexicali 'Red Rocks' beardtongueperennial (Z5-9) pink (summer)3-4'
Plantago asiatica 'Variegata' variegated plantainperennial green (summer)4"
Plantago lanceolata narrow-leaf plantainperennial green/white (late spring)to 20"
Plantago major broadleaf plantainperennial green spikes12"
Rhodochiton atrosanguineum purple bell vinetender perennial purple (summer-fall)vine to 10 ft
Tetranema roseum Mexican violettender perennial (Z10-11) pink-violet6-12"
Veronica bellidioides blue
Veronica fruticans rock speedwellperennial (Z5-8) blue3"
Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' speedwellperennial (Z6-9) blue (mid-spring)6-9"
Veronica saturejoides perennial blue (early summer)2-4"
Veronica wormskjoldii alpine speedwellperennial blue (summer-fall)6"
Wulfenia carinthiaca cow's footprintperennial violet-blue (summer)10"

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Last modified: December 11, 2014
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