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Plant family: pinaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the pinaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Abies koreana 'Silver Show' Korean firtree (Z5-7) 15-30'
Pinus contorta var. murrayana lodgepole pinetree (Z5-9) to 100'
Pinus densiflora Japanese red pine; tanyosho pineconiferous tree (Z3-7) 40-60'
Pinus heldreichii Bosnian pinetree (Z6-8) 20'
Pinus parviflora f. glauca Japanese white pinetree (Z4-7) to 50'
Pinus virginiana tree (Z7-10) to 70'
Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas firtree to 60'

home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

Last modified: December 11, 2014
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