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Plant family: hyacinthaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the hyacinthaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Albuca 'Dwarf Hardy' perennial
Albuca humilis perennial bulb (Z9) white (summer)1-10"
Albuca osmynella perennial yellow4"
Albuca shawii perennial (Z7-11) yellow (summer-early fall)20"
Albuca spiralis corkscrew albucaperennial (Z9) green/yellow4"
Brimeura amethystina Spanish hyacinthperennial (Z6-7) blue, sometimes white (spring-early summer)6"
Chionodoxa luciliae glory of the snowperennial bulb (Z3-8) blue (April)3"
Drimiopsis maculata African false hosta; little white soldiersperennial (Z8-11) white8-12"
Eucomis autumnalis pineapple lilyperennial (Z7-10) green18"
Eucomis bicolor pineapple lilyperennial (Z7-10) chartreuse (summer)18-30"
Eucomis vandermerwei dwarf spotted pineapple lilyperennial (Z8-10) purple (late summer-fall)6"
Eucomis zambesiaca pineapple lilyperennial (Z7-10) white7-12"
Galtonia candicans summer hyacinthperennial (Z6/7-10) creamy white (mid-summer)4'
Galtonia viridiflora summer hyacinthperennial pale green3-4'
Hyacinthella leucophaea ssp. atchleyi perennial bulb pale blue (early spring)6"
Hyacinthoides hispanica Spanish bluebellsperennial (Z4-8) blue (spring)16-20"
Hyacinthoides vicentina perennial bulb blue
Hyacinthus hyacinthperennial bulb various12"
Ledebouria 'Gary Hammer' false squillperennial (Z7-10) pink (spring)6"
Muscari armeniacum grape hyacinthperennial bulb (Z3-9) blue (April)4"
Ornithogalum narbonense southern star of Bethlehemperennial white (spring)10-20"
Ornithogalum sintenisii perennial bulb white (early spring)4"
Polyxena longituba pink (fall)
Prospero autumnale autumn squillperennial (Z5-8) violet/lavender (late summer-fall)6-12"
Puschkinia scilloides striped squill; Lebanese squillperennial bulb white/light blue (early spring)4"
Scilla litardierei meadow squillperennial blue (late spring)6"
Scilla mischtschenkoana squillperennial
Scilla peruviana giant squillperennial (Z7-10)
Veltheimia bracteata forest lily; Cape lilytender perennial (Z9-10) pink (winter)18-24"

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Last modified: December 11, 2014
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