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Plant family: caryophyllaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the caryophyllaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Agrostemma githago corn cockleannual pink (summer)
Agrostemma gracilis annual white
Arenaria 'Blue Cascade' perennial white4"
Arenaria grandiflora large-flowered sandwortperennial (Z5) white (spring)5"
Arenaria purpurascens sandwortperennial pale pink (late spring)2-4"
Cerastium alpinum ssp. lanatum alpine mouse earsperennial (Z3-9) white (May)1-2"
Cerastium tomentosum snow in summerperennial white (late spring)2-3"
Cherleria laricifolia perennial/subshrub white
Dianthus 'Horatio' pinkperennial (Z4-8) deep red/white (June)12"
Dianthus 'Spangled Star' spangled star pinkperennial bordeaux/white (June)6-8"
Dianthus 'Spotty' cheddar pinkperennial red/white (spring-summer)6"
Dianthus 'Tiny Rubies' perennial rose-pink (summer)6"
Dianthus amurensis 'Siberian Blues' Amur pinkperennial violet-blue (summer)6-12"
Dianthus anatolicus Anatolian pinkperennial (Z6-10) pale pink (late spring-early summer)4"
Dianthus arenarius sand pinkperennial (Z3-8) pink (summer)6-12"
Dianthus armeria Deptford pinkbiennial deep pink (summer)8-24"
Dianthus carthusianorum clusterhead pinkperennial (Z5) magenta (summer)24"
Dianthus deltoides maiden pinkperennial pink (spring)6"
Dianthus ferrugineus perennial red16-20"
Dianthus giganteus perennial deep pink (summer)3'
Dianthus gratianopolitanus cheddar pinkperennial (Z3-8) rose (May-June)12"
Dianthus japonicus biennial? pink (July)24"
Dianthus knappii perennial yellow (early summer)18"
Dianthus pinifolius perennial pink10-24"
Dianthus plumarius cottage pink, garden pinkperennial (Z3-9) pink/white (summer-fall)12"
Dianthus short hybrids pinkperennial various6-8"
Dianthus species pinkperennial pink (summer)to 4"
Dianthus spiculifolius perennial (Z6) white or pink, marked with burgundy (spring-summer)8"
Dianthus superbus fringed pinkperennial (Z3-8) pink-red24"
Dianthus turkestanicus perennial pink6-9"
Dianthus webbianus hedgehog pinkperennial pink (summer)4-6"
Dianthus x roysii perennial pink4"
Eremogone pseudacantholimon perennial white (summer)6-12"
Gypsophila cerastioides perennial (Z3) white with blue veins (May)3"
Gypsophila franzii perennial pink4"
Gypsophila oldhamiana Manchurian baby's breathperennial white (early summer)24"
Gypsophila paniculata baby's breathperennial (Z3-8) white (early summer)18-36"
Gypsophila repens trailing baby's breathperennial (Z3-9) light pink (summer)4-6"
Gypsophila tenuifolia perennial white-pink
Herniaria glabra rupturewort; herniary breastwort; green carpetperennial (Z5-8) insignificant1"
Lychnis ajanensis perennial pink4"
Lychnis coronaria rose campionperennial (Z3-8) magenta (summer)3'
Lychnis coronaria 'Alba' White rose campionperennial white3 ft
Lychnis fulgens catchfly; brilliant campionperennial (Z4-8) red (summer)12-24"
Lychnis kiusiana perennial red8"
Lychnis viscaria catchflyperennial pink (spring)6"
Lychnis wilfordii catchflyperennial pink (May-June)2'
Lychnis x arkwrightii 'Vesuvius' Arkwright's campionperennial/biennial (Z3-10) orange-red (summer)24"
Minuartia laricifolia larch-leaved sandwortperennial (Z5) white12"
Petrocoptis pyrenaica ssp. glaucifolia perennial pale purple or white (late summer-fall)4-6"
Petrorhagia prolifera proliferous pinkannual pink
Petrorhagia saxifraga tunic flowerperennial light pink to white6"
Sagina subulata Irish moss, pearlwortperennial white1"
Saponaria bellidifolia perennial yellow
Saponaria caespitosa tufted soapwortperennial (Z3-9) deep pink (late spring-early summer)4-6"
Saponaria ocymoides rock soapwortperennial (Z4-8) purple8"
Saponaria officinalis 'Flore Pleno' soapwort, bouncing betperennial pink or white (early summer)2-3'
Saponaria pamphylica perennial rose (summer)6-10"
Saponaria pumilio pygmy soapwortperennial (Z4) pink (summer)3"
Saponaria x 'Oliviana' perennial (Z4) pink (May-June)2"
Saponaria x boissieri perennial pink2-6"
Silene alpestris alpine campionperennial (Z5-8) white (late spring)4"
Silene armeria sweet william catchfly; none-so-prettybiennial pink (late spring)12-16"
Silene banksia orange robinperennial (Z5-8) orange or red24-36"
Silene campanulata? red mountain catchflyperennial yellow3"
Silene chalcedonica Maltese crossperennial (Z4-8) red (May-June)3'
Silene colorata annual pink6-9"
Silene dioica catchflyperennial pink (May)2'
Silene elisabethae campionperennial red-pink (late spring)4-6"
Silene flos-cuculi ragged robinperennial (Z3-9) pink (May-June)12-18"
Silene keiskei perennial white (summer)6"
Silene maritima catchflyperennial (Z2) white (spring-summer)6" tall x 20" wide
Silene orientalis campionperennial (Z4-8) pink
Silene petersonii Maguire campionperennial (Z5-9) pink (late spring-summer)6-12"
Silene pusilla perennial white
Silene regia royal catchflyperennial scarlet (summer)3-4'
Silene stellata starry campionperennial white (summer)3'
Silene suksdorfii cascade catchflyperennial white-pink6"
Silene zawadzkii perennial white12"
Stellaria media common chickweedannual white (early spring)2"
Vaccaria hispanica cow cockles; cow soapwortannual pale rose

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Last modified: December 11, 2014
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