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Plant family: campanulaceae


I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the campanulaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Adenophora aurita perennial purple-blue (summer)20"
Adenophora khasiana ladybellsperennial (Z3-10) blue (summer)24-36"
Adenophora liliifolia ladybellsperennial blue (June)2 ft
Adenophora nikoensis perennial lavender
Adenophora pereskiifolia ladybellsperennial (Z5-8) blue
Adenophora polyantha ladybellsperennial purple-blue
Adenophora stenanthina perennial blue-purple (late summer)16-36"
Adenophora subulata perennial blue
Adenophora tashiroi perennial blue (late summer)8-20"
Adenophora triphylla ladybellsperennial blue36"
Adenophora triphylla var. japonica ladybellsperennial light blue (summer-fall)24-36"
Adenophora uehatae perennial blue (summer)3"
Asyneuma limonifolium perennial blue-violet (summer)12-16"
Asyneuma virgatum perennial blue (early summer)18"
Azorina vidalii Madeiran bellflowerannual or short-lived perennia pink18"
Campanula 'Sarastro' bellflowerperennial (Z4-8) deep blue (summer)18-24"
Campanula alliariifolia ivory bellflowerperennial white1-2 ft
Campanula anomala perennial blue
Campanula betulifolia birch-leaf bellflowerperennial white
Campanula carpatica Carpatian harebellperennial blue, late spring6"
Campanula cochlearifolia fairy's thimblesperennial blue (late spring-summer)4"
Campanula collina perennial purple-blue6-12"
Campanula garganica 'Dickson's Gold' Adriatic bellflowerperennial blue (spring-summer)4-6"
Campanula glomerata 'Superba' clustered bellflowerperennial (Z3-8) violet (June-July)18-30"
Campanula incurva bellflowermonocarpic perennial (Z6) light blue or white (early summer)12"
Campanula lactiflora milky bellflowerperennial blue (summer)2'
Campanula latifolia subsp. latifolia bellflowerperennial violet (early summer)3' tall, 1' wide
Campanula makaschvilii perennial light pink18"
Campanula moesiaca perennial blue (May-June)15-18"
Campanula patula biennial/perennial violet blue20"
Campanula persicifolia peach-leaf bellflowerperennial blue, white (June)2'
Campanula portenschlagiana perennial (Z4) purple-blue (summer)6"
Campanula poscharskyana Serbian bellflowerperennial blue (summer-fall)5"
Campanula primulifolia Spanish bellflowerperennial (Z5-8) lavender blue (summer)24-36"
Campanula punctata spotted bellflowerperennial pale pink10-12"
Campanula raineri perennial blue bells (June)3"
Campanula rapunculoides creeping bellflower; rampion bellflowerperennial (Z3-9) blue (summer)12-24"
Campanula rhomboidalis perennial purple-blue (but ours are white)8-24"
Campanula rigidipila perennial blue (June)6-8"
Campanula rotundifolia Scotch harebellperennial (Z5-10) blue (spring-summer)6"
Campanula sarmatica perennial white/pale blue4-18"
Campanula species dwarf blue bellflowerperennial (Z5-10) blue12"
Campanula takesimana Korean bellflowerperennial (Z5-8) pink to white flowers, spotted maroon, all summer2' tall and wide
Campanula thyrsoides perennial (Z3-8) pale yellow18-24"
Campanula trachelium bats-in-the-belfry, nettle-leaved bellflowerperennial (Z4-9) violet-blue18"
Campanula troegerae perennial white
Campanula zangezura perennial (Z5-9) lilac (summer)10"
Codonopsis clematidea Asian bellflowerperennial (Z4) pale blue bells (summer)3'
Codonopsis grey-wilsonii perennial blue (summer)vine to 10'
Codonopsis lanceolata bonnet bellflowerperennial (Z6-8) purple (late summer)climbs, 10-15'
Codonopsis mollis perennial (Z7?) soft blue16"?
Codonopsis ovata perennial (Z6) blue (summer)16"
Codonopsis pilosula poor man's ginsengperennial (Z6?) creamvine to 8'
Codonopsis species perennial violet-blue
Codonopsis species perennial purple (but ours are white)
Codonopsis thalictrifolia white
Codonopsis tubulosa perennial greenish
Codonopsis ussuriensis
Codonopsis vinciflora perennial blue
Cyananthus macrocalyx perennial blue (late summer)4-6"
Cyananthus microphyllus perennial violet-blue (summer)2-4"
Edraianthus graminifolius grassy bellsperennial (Z4) violet (June-July)4-6"
Edraianthus montenegrinus perennial blue (spring)2"
Edraianthus parnassicus perennial violet4-6"
Edraianthus pumilio grassy bellsperennial violet (May-June)1"
Edraianthus tenuifolius grassy bellsperennial (Z5-8) blue (June)4"
Jasione crispa? sheep's bitperennial blue4"
Laurentia axillaris blue star creeper? blue (summer)6"
Legousia speculum-veneris Venus' looking glassannual blue/violet6-12"
Lobelia cardinalis cardinal flowerperennial red (summer)24"
Lobelia inflata indian tobaccoannual blue (summer)3'
Lobelia sessilifolia perennial purple-blue (summer)2-3'
Lobelia siphilitica great blue lobeliaperennial (Z3-9) blue or white (summer)18-30"
Lobelia spicata palespike lobeliaperennial pale pink12-30"
Lobelia x gerardii purple lobeliaperennial purple, red (summer)3'
Michauxia tchihatchewii Catherine wheel flowerbiennial (Z7?) whiteto 5'
Phyteuma charmelii perennial blue
Phyteuma hemisphaericum perennial purple
Phyteuma nigrum horned rampionperennial dark purple6-12"
Phyteuma orbiculare round-headed rampionperennial blue (late spring)12"
Phyteuma scheuchzeri rampionperennial blue (May-June)10"
Phyteuma spicatum spiked rampionperennial (Z5-9) white or blue (summer)12-30"
Phyteuma vagneri perennial dark violet (summer)to 12"
Platycodon grandiflorus balloonflowerperennial (Z3-8) blue/pink/white (summer)see below
Symphyandra pendula perennial (Z6-9) white (July-Oct)20"
Symphyandra wanneri ringflowerperennial (Z6-9) violet-blue (all summer)8-12"
Trachelium jacquinii ssp. rumelianum blue throatwortperennial lilac (summer)4-6"
Triodanis perfoliata clasping Venus' looking glassannual purple-blue6-12"
Wahlenbergia albomarginata New Zealand bluebellperennial (Z5-9) blue/white (summer)4-6"

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Last modified: December 11, 2014
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