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Plant family: brassicaceae


The mustard family was formerly known as cruciferae, because of the four-petaled, cross-shaped flowers. Nearly all of its members are herbaceous, and most of them are edible - including such staples as cabbage, beets and greens. Many small rock garden plants also belong in this family.

I use the GRIN online query system to determine plant families. The list below shows the plants in my database listed as members of the brassicaceae family. Click on the botanical name of any plant to go to the plant portrait. For a list of all the plant families represented in our garden, see my families page.

Botanical name Common name Category FlowersSize
Aethionema armenum stone cressperennial (Z5-8) pink (late spring)3-8"
Aethionema caespitosum perennial lavender-pink2-4"
Aethionema glaucinum perennial pink6"
Aethionema grandiflorum stonecressperennial (Z5-9) pink (late spring-summer)6" tall, 12" wide
Aethionema iberideum perennial white (early summer)2-4"
Aethionema oppositifolium perennial pale pink
Aethionema schistosum fragrant Persian stonecressperennial (Z4-8) pink (early spring)6-12"
Aethionema subulatum perennial pink2-4"
Aethionema thomasianum perennial pink/white
Alliaria petiolata white
Alyssum cuneifolium perennial yellow (late spring)2-4"
Alyssum montanum creeping basket of goldperennial (Z2-9) yellow (spring)
Alyssum oxycarpum perennial yellow (summer)4-8"
Alyssum spinosum spiny alyssum; madwortperennial/dwarf shrub (Z6-10) pink (spring-summer)6-12"
Alyssum stribrnyi perennial (Z7) yellow (late spring)10-16"
Arabis alpina 'Snowcap' mountain rockcressperennial (Z4-7) white (early spring)4"
Arabis blepharophylla 'Spring Charm' rose rock cressperennial (Z3-7) pink (April)4-10 in.
Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi alpine wall cressperennial (Z5-9) white6"
Arabis soyeri rock cressperennial white3"
Aubrieta deltoidea purple rock cressperennial purple (spring)4", spreading
Aurinia saxatilis basket of goldperennial yellow12"
Barbarea vulgaris 'Variegata' variegated winter cressperennial yellow2 ft
Cardamine pratensis cuckoo flower; lady's smockperennial white/pale lilac8"
Caulanthus crassicaulis thick-stem wild cabbageperennial cream
Caulanthus inflatus desert candleannual purple24"
Cleome houtteana spider flowerannual pink (summer)4'
Coluteocarpus vesicaria perennial pink or white2-8"
Degenia velebitica perennial (Z7) yellow (late spring)4"
Descurainia sophia tansy mustardannual? yellow (spring)18"
Draba aizoides whitlow-grassperennial yellow (late winter-mid spring)2" tall
Draba arabisans rock whitlow-grassperennial white (spring)4-8"
Draba athoa perennial yellow (spring)3"
Draba condensata perennial yellow (early spring)3"
Draba cretica whitlow-grassperennial (Z9) yellow (spring)1"
Draba dedeana perennial white
Draba dubia whitlow-grassperennial (?) whitesmall
Draba fladnizensis perennial white8"
Draba hispanica whitlow-grassperennial (Z7) yellow3"
Draba lasiocarpa var. compacta perennial (Z6) yellow (spring)4-6"
Draba norvegica rock whitlow-grassperennial white (spring-early summer)6-8"
Draba paysonii perennial yellow (early spring)3"
Draba rosularis perennial yellow4"
Draba sakuraii perennial white (spring)2-4"
Draba sibirica perennial yellow (spring)
Fibigia clypeata Roman shieldsbiennial/perennial yellow3' tall
Fibigia eriocarpa perennial (Z4-9) yellow
Hesperis matronalis dame's rocketbiennial purple (spring)4'
Iberis auricosa 'Sweetheart' pink candytuftperennial pink (spring)6-8"
Iberis sempervirens candytuftperennial (Z4-10) white (spring)10"
Iberis simplex perennial
Iberis spathulata candytuftperennial (Z4-8) purple or white (spring)2-4"
Isatis tinctoria dyer's woadbiennial (Z4-8) yellow3-4'
Lesquerella alpina alpine bladderpodperennial yellow (May-July)4"
Lesquerella ovalifolia oval-leaf bladderpod yellow7"
Lobularia maritima sweet alyssumannual white, purple (summer-fall)3"
Lunaria annua honesty; moneyplantbiennial purple (April)2'
Lunaria rediviva perennial honestyperennial (Z5-8) lilac (May-June)24-36"
Lutzia cretica perennial yellow8"
Malcolmia maritima Virginia stockannual various colors (summer)12"
Matthiola incana common stockannual various colors (summer)12"
Matthiola longipetala ssp. bicornis evening scented stockannual violet (summer)12-18"
Orychophragmus violaceus Chinese violet cressperennial (Z7-10) violet (late spring-summer)12-24"
Petrocallis pyrenaica perennial lilac, pink, or white (late spring-summer)1-2"
Physaria arizonica Arizona bladderpodperennial yellow (spring)6"
Physaria bellii yellow (spring)2-4"
Ptilotrichum spinosum perennial light purple8"
Raffenaldia primuloides perennial (Z6) yellow (spring)2-4"
Rorippa sp. yellow cress yellow1-3'
Rorippa sylvestris creeping yellow cressperennial yellow (late spring-summer)
Sisymbrium loeselii small tumble-mustardannual yellow (summer)16-48"
Sisymbrium luteum perennial (Z4-8) yellow (late spring)2-4'
Stanleya pinnata prince's plumeperennial (Z5-9) yellow24"
Streptanthus farnsworthianus Farnsworth's jewelflowerannual white30"
Thlaspi alliaceum? garlic pennycressannual white (April)12"
Thlaspi bellidifolium perennial pink4"
Thlaspi kerneri white
Thlaspi species mountain pennycressperennial white (summer)12"
Vella spinosa perennial/subshrub pale yellow (spring)8-12"

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Last modified: December 11, 2014
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