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June 19, 2021. Out of the mud, a new extension of our back yard garden borders was created. The photo here shows it just before plants were added to the new area; the almond verbena was previously surrounded by lawn, and is now in the center of the area I'm calling the rock garden zone. The existing rock garden, dominated by two large yuccas, is immediately behind, and I intend to make this area a visual extension of that, populated mostly with lower-growing drought-tolerant plants such as agaves, aloes and manfredas, rain lilies, and snake herb. Many of those were already growing in the area just in front of the rock garden, so I hope to weave all those into a cohesive section of the garden, bordered by an Arizona cypress, a small magnolia, and the pond to the left, our large live oak in the back right corner, and a few larger shrubs and the rapidly returning lemon eucalyptus to the right. To satisfy the new plants' needs, I incorporated a decent amount of sand into the soil, and made sure it was all mounded well above the level of the surrounding lawn. If I'm successful, this will also be the first part of our Texas garden that we can walk through, rather than just alongside, using the semicircular flagstone path. But my projects have a habit of developing in different direction than I first envision, so only time will tell how it turns out. Stay tuned for updates in future gardening seasons!

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