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Zephyranthes dichromantha blooming enthusiastically after the rain
May 06, 2021. We had Texas-sized rainfall last weekend, so, right on cue, the rain lilies did their thing this past week, sending up lots of their white, yellow, and pink flowers. I've had a thing for rain lilies (which were tender in Pennsylvania) ever since moving down here, and have accumulated quite a few varieties through the NARGS seed exchanges in the past few years. Among them, Z. dichromantha, pictured here with its cheerful yellow flowers and pink buds/faded flowers, is definitely one of my favorites. It is among the earliest to bloom in spring, and flowers more frequently than any other rain lily I grow. As the clumps are maturing, the flower display is also getting more impactful, with dozens of individual flowers contributing to the display. One of these days, I promise, I'll put together a page dedicated to the rain lilies...

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