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Vigna unguiculata

Vigna unguiculata
yardlong bean; Chinese red noodle bean
Vigna unguiculata

Synonym(s) Dolichos biflorus
Common name yardlong bean; Chinese red noodle bean
Family fabaceae
Life cycle annual
Flowers purple
Size vine to 8'
Light sun
From seed germinate warm
detailed seed-starting info below

Cool red bumpy beans, some as long as their common name suggests. This year marked my first attempt at growing them. I first started some indoors in April - these germinated and grew well, but suffered severe setback when I tried to harden them off outdoors, and ultimately did not survive. So I planted the remainder of my seeds directly outside, at the bases of a stick teepee in our vegetable garden. The resulting plants were much better adjusted to the conditions, although they were a good bit less vigorous than our purple runner beans, which try to conquer the world in the few months they inhabit our garden every year. By mid-August, the first skinny beans were showing. I was puzzled by the flowers, which look like tan-pink pouches and never seemed to open. I later found out that the flowers are open in the morning, but shut themselves by mid-day. Not sure yet if this will be primarily ornamental or mostly grown for culinary purposes - but I'm pretty sure we'll incorporate this into our repertoire of annual garden plants from now on.

We're re-establishing this plant this year (it used to grow in our garden, but slipped away)

Seed for this plant is included on my seed trade list

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Seed-starting details for this plant

  1. Seed from HPS/MAG '07/'08 exchange. Baggy 75F (75%G, 2-10d)
  2. Seed from '08 garden and HPS/MAG '11/'12 exchange. Baggy 75F (100%G, 5-7d)
  3. Seed for 'Pretzel Bean' from '12 gift. Baggy 75F (100%G, 5-14d).
    Seed for 'Red Noodle' from '08 garden. Baggy 75F (80%G, 5-9d)

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