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A view of the mid-section of our back fence border, with the pond at right
October 14, 2018. Although I've not posted much this year, the garden has done quite nicely. I guess that's to be expected, in the second year after establishing most of the border areas: perennials and shrubs grow up and fill in, and everything billows together. My goal of seeing as little of the back fence as possible is progressing just fine, with various climbers conquering their trellises and the taller shrubs further obscuring the privacy slatwork. We've been fortunate to see hummingbirds quite a bit this year (more than we ever did in Pennsylvania), who seem to enjoy the continuous smorgasbord, as do the butterflies. I'm quite enamored of this look, although it isn't always the look Amy would go for – "it's just like Allentown!", she sometimes exclaims, referring to the way everything would always grow together in our previous garden. Establishing a garden anew meant having many plants spaced neatly apart in their first year, each one well delineated, perfect for admiring every specimen. The spaces have now disappeared, as has the view to most of the mulch in between – and many plants weave together in a somewhat unruly fashion. I do agree that the garden needs frequent editing, and have cut back or eliminated some of the more vigorous participants in the tapestry in recent weeks. But I think the smooshed look is here to stay: I'd hate to disappoint our hummers!

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