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September 15, 2018. Yes, it's been a while since I posted here. Between vacations and the heat of summer, gardening took a bit of a back seat. Besides venturing out to harvest figs (yum!), keep the bermudagrass from invading the borders, and add water to the pond during the many weeks of hot dry weather, I pretty much left the garden to its own resorts, enjoying the colors without spending too much time up close. In recent weeks, I've not had to add to the pond – the weather has turned decidedly soggy, and with the change in weather, the mushrooms have proliferated. The underground fungi were clearly waiting patiently for the moisture to arrive, and wasted no time when it did – the yard is full of them! The one pictured here was a particularly large and fancy specimen (I took that photo yesterday – by today, it was three times as big around and flat-topped). As with nearly all mushrooms, I have no idea what its identity is. Another feature of recent weeks has been the nearly constant visits by hummingbirds. In Pennsylvania, I considered myself lucky if I spotted hummers a couple times a year, but here they are regulars, now that they have found the garden. Most of my neighbors have barely any flowering plants, so I'm glad they persisted along their path to find our nectar supply. Now if only the mosquitoes would lay off a bit, I might find myself out gardening a little more frequently as the weather gets (just a little bit) cooler.

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