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Ravaging the poor milkweed
March 29, 2018. Wow, the monarch butterflies have already arrived – and the next generation is underway! So far, I spotted just a single monarch and a yellow-marked swallowtail of some sort (flying too far overhead to make out its exact species), and am looking forward to the invasion of other butterflies as the season progresses. We incorporated quite a few plants that can serve as larval hosts to various species in our garden last year (pipe vines, passionflowers, persimmon, senna, and others), so our hopes are high. Meanwhile, we'll be watching these early caterpillars do their thing. Crazy, it seems like yesterday that we were watching the late-season butterflies emerge from their chrysales. Still waiting for the birds to show up – their variety is oddly small is our neighborhood, I'm hoping that they just haven't quite found the right gardens yet.

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