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March 25, 2018. The border enlargement that I talked about in early March took the better part of two weeks to complete, but has now yielded a nice new garden area, freshly mulched, ready to accept new plants. Another nursery trip in the near future? Perhaps, but I also need to be thinking about the seedlings growing on on our patio, and some plants in other garden areas that are large enough to be divided. With some imagination, you can see the potential of this stretch of ex-lawn: the live oak and the Arizona cypress for bigger bones towards the background, the magnolia that instigated the whole operation as an anchoring smaller tree, and a rock garden that will likely see some expansion as my various drought-loving seedlings grow into themselves. All bordered by the pond with its clattering waterfall, and fence that will hopefully be covered in climbers before too long. Will the rest of the grass in this part of the garden survive? Only time will tell...

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