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February 25, 2018. Our bermudagrass lawn looks dead this time of year – especially since the hard freeze in January, the top growth is uniformly tan, no green in sight. Which makes the other plants, mostly weeds, that grow in our lawn that much more conspicuous. Surprisingly, that includes quite a few cilantro plants. I didn't realize quite how hardy they are! In Pennsylvania, they didn't emerge until early spring, but these have been going since late fall. I think they grew from some coriander seeds that I threw out across the border adjoining our bedroom, where we grow several herbs. If so, I missed rather wildly. In any case, I don't mind the incongruous look, and enjoy the fragrance. At this time, many of the herbaceous and woody perennials that ditched their top growth in the big freeze are deciding whether to return from the base. I don't hold out much hope for some of them, but many others are showing signs of life. For them, I've made the T-shirt icon I promised in a previous post: . It's already on display at several pages here, including those for lantana, Texas persimmon, and Anacacho orchid. I hope to be adding it to many more in the near future.
Meanwhile, I'm engaged in starting seeds indoors, a return to an old favorite activity from which I had to take a break for a few years. A shipment from the NARGS seed exchange in late January jolted me back into action – so the downstairs guest room is now home to a variety of seedlings. Many of them are experiments: I haven't seen these species on offer at local nurseries, and don't know whether they stand a chance in our climate. That's nothing new: in Pennsylvania, a large fraction of my seedlings didn't survive a year in the garden either – but it's fun to try. So look for notes on newly started and planted varieties again this year.

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