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October 15, 2012. Back when the internet was a new place, scouting around for worthwhile gardening-related content wasn't quite as straightforward as it is today. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I was a member of several gardening communities (I still have fond memories of silly discussions on Delphi's gardening forum), and there were a few sites that I'd find myself visiting regularly to see what had been published (I don't think RSS was around at the time, so I'd just check back every once in a while). One of those sites was Suite101, which featured several entertaining and knowledgeable editors for gardening topics. Among those, my favorite was Marge Talt's 'Gardening in Shade' column, with weekly articles on a variety of toipcs, mostly odes to interesting plants. She did a whole series on aroids (Wild, Wonderful Aroids); for some reason, the one that I found myself returning to quite often was the article on Pinellias, a genus that I knew very little about at the time (and one that still confounds me, I must admit). Earlier this year, when attempting to go back for a few details once again, I found that it was gone – erased from the internet. Well, not erased altogether: the WayBackMachine at has archival copies of an astounding number of web pages stashed away, and they still had most of the content from Marge's page. So I tracked down an old email address for Marge, and wrote to ask permission to republish the article. My hopes of the email reaching its destination were dim, but lo and behold, Marge responded, and gave me the go-ahead – even filling in a few photos that had gone missing from the Wayback archives. So I'm proud to present a new home for Marge Talt's Pinellia Page. It should remain available for as long as Rob's Plants remains online :-)

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