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the onion forest
May 07, 2012. I think it was two years ago that I planted some Egyptian walking onion (sent to me in a generous trade) as well as some 'He Shi Ko' Japanese bunching onion (grown from seed). I left them in place to observe their habit (especially the walking onion, which I'd heard much about) last year, and was duly amused. This spring, the vegetable garden was a giant mess – awful perennial weeds such as mugwort, bindweed, and thistles run rampant through the fertile soil, undeterred by the mulch I applied in fall, and took a good few hours to beat into submission (actually, I'm still working on some parts of it). But one section of the garden looked vibrant and bountiful: the onion forest. In the photo here, the walking onions are on the left, and the ones just opening their puffy flowers in the back are the bunching onions. Alas, as good as they looked, I couldn't justify keeping them in place (I don't actually find much use for them in the kitchen), so I moved just a couple of each to a smaller corner of the garden, and reclaimed the segment for other veggies. Perhaps my fun new assortment of peppers: I finally paid a visit to Meadowview Farms in Bowers, the storied Mennonite operation that offers hundreds of different varieties of hot and sweet peppers (as well as other vegetables and garden staples) for sale. Upon returning, I found that I was so taken by the interesting varieties that I sort of forgot to buy a few plain old jalapenos. Oh well, I'll make some creative culinary substitutions this summer!

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