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March 25, 2012. Assessing winter damage – an annual spring ritual in the garden. I start so many species from seed every year, including ones that aren't quite hardy or that need the sharpest drainage to survive, that probably fewer than half of my new attempts are successful. This past winter was exceptionally mild, which gave marginally hardy plants a leg up on survival – but for some reason, frost heaving was more of a problem in our nursery area than I remember it being in years past. Nearly all of the vinyl-blind plant markers lay strewn about in the nursery beds, leaving me to guess which plants they belong to – if in fact there still are plants; there's an awful lot of bare ground, which may be due as much to the drought - wet double-punch of last year's summer and fall as to anything winter wrought. The photo here is of a barely surviving Bergeranthus jamesii; as ugly as it is in this heaved-up, freeze-discolored state, it's actually a triumph, because this plant is not rated as hardy to our normally zone 6 garden. In the next few weeks, as more of last year's seedlings make their re-appearance, I'll be taking inventory and moving them "live" to areas of the garden that need sprucing up. There are many of those, so I have my work cut out for me!

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